Games for Windows - Live Gets Reformatted, Rebooted

"I saw so much promise in Microsoft's ambitious-but-doomed Live Anywhere initiative when it was first unveiled at E3 2006, though since then, Microsoft has dealt with backlash against charging for services that PC players were accustomed to getting for free and limited publisher adoption, as well as the rapidly growing popularity of Valve's community-anointed Steam service. Microsoft acknowledged that things weren't going swimmingly back in July, when it announced that it would be making all of its Live services on the PC free, and it continues to retool its PC gaming efforts by giving its Games for Windows - Live client a bit of an overhaul." - Editor, Ryan

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Nicolator3621d ago

they better start thinking of making 360live free..

Charmers3621d ago

Why on earth would they make XBL free, there are way too many people stupid enough to pay for it. There is a reason why GFWL is free on the PC and that is competition, the PC has so many different services available to them that trying to introduce a "paid" service was inevitably doomed.

To be honest even though the GFWL service is free I still can't stand it. I would much rather see PC games using a native PC network like Steam, it aggravates me that MS has locked GTA 4 into it's pathetic GFWL when the game would have been so much better multi player wise if it incorporated Steam.

But there is nothing I can do about it, I just hope that GFWL dies a death sooner rather than later.

Elvfam5113621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

i doubt they going to make Live for the 360 free. couldn't reply to you so i made a post

GWAVE3621d ago

This really shoots holes in the arguement that the $50 a year for Live on the 360 is worth it. I mean, if Microsoft is providing the exact same service on the PC, but for FREE, why do 360 owners have to pay?

Elvfam5113621d ago

I think that 360 users is paying Live for pc and this why 360 users are paying 50 bucks a yr or 7.99 a month (that's right i forgot) but im guessing here

Charmers3621d ago

Yeah and I think the entire PC division is currently paying all the bills for the Xbox and Xbox 360. You are aware that 99% of MS's revenue is still generated by the PC don't you. The fact is Xbox users can be forced to use XBL, PC users can't we have so many other companies we can turn too that it is a waste of time trying to introduce a paid network to the PC.

donnie-21053621d ago

lets face it high end pc gaming is on the way out

dommafia3620d ago

but you're just begging for a reply. I'll refuse to feed the troll though...