Smackdown vs Raw 2009 Review (OXCGN)


"After nine installments in the Smackdown series, THQ-YUKE's has delivered the tenth in the series and wrestling fans can rest easy knowing they have finally achieved a solid wrestling title for their collection.

The game itself looks good. Very good. Some wrestlers look a lot better than others, however overall once they are all throwing each other around the ring, take a step back and look at the actual detail they have put into the whole wrestling experience. From facial expressions, wrestler mannerisms to even the detailed crowds in the huge arenas they have done a fantastic job."

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XboxOZ3603680d ago

Never been a big fighting fan actually, all looks rather odd, but hey, each to their own . .As if you could smack someone in the head with a 20kg dumbell and the person get up, year right - NOT

darkmurder3680d ago

Lol, whatever happened to the classic days of WWE where stories were actually feasible, non the less wrestling games are still pretty fun, might give this a rent!

Godem3679d ago

I hate wresting games, but for whats its worth, im sure it will please the fans.

Immortal Kaim3679d ago

Looks interesting, I haven't played a decent wrestling game in ages.

gaminoz3679d ago

I'm always surprised at how popular these games are, but wrestling is a real phenomenon in North America. I do sometimes have fun 'virtual' pounding someone in the game but it all gets a bit dull for me after awhile.