U.S. NPD Hardware Sales Watch 2008 - October Edition writes:

"Rolling into October, the Wii and Xbox 360 set their highest selling months of the year thus far. Sony console sales, at a whole, took a dive for the month as the competition saw healthy bumps in sales. The effect of Xbox 360's price cut continued as October marked the month that Xbox 360 surpassed the PS3's year-to-date sales."

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InMyOpinion3682d ago

"The effect of Gears of War 2 continued as November marked the month that Xbox 360 once again crushed the PS3 in sales."

Sarcasm3682d ago

lol I can see the sad sad image of how happy you are to type that.

Foxgod3682d ago

he is just stating a fact

gametheory3682d ago

"he is just stating a fact"

And Sarcasm is also stating a fact either. Then again, we all know that November hasn't finished yet and so nothing can be said, so how can Jenzo be stating a fact about something nobody knows yet. Sounds like you're only trying to kick sand in PS3 owners face instead of taking sand of everyone's eyes.

By the way, Sarcasm is also stating facts by telling him "Yeah, you may be right, but you are still a fanboy". Like you, foxgod.

Diamondwolf3682d ago

1. something that actually exists; reality; truth: Your fears have no basis in fact.


It is a fact that Foxgod and Jenzo are 360 fanboys

It is a fact that PS3 fanboys (not PS3 owners) are in constant denial

It is a fact that this generation of gamers are oblivious to reality

It is a fact that I am wasting my time commenting to fanboys as it is a fact that fanboys don't accept anything, including the truth when it's something they don't like.

MiloGarret3682d ago

"lol I can see the sad sad image of how happy you are to type that."

And I can see the sad image of how sad you are to wright that...

Oh no he didn't!

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theEnemy3682d ago

The difference between the 360 and the PS3 is not that large, but wow, that Wii and DS are still unstoppable.

ultimolu3682d ago

Lol, that damn Wii...xD

timmyrulz3682d ago

"360 is $200-300 and Wii is $250 but Wii outsold 803,000 to 371,000, so you are right about Microsot Game Studios not being able to captivate the minds of the people."

Its not capturing the minds of fat people, old people and girls but double that of people who opted for the ps3

-GametimeUK-3682d ago

its the console which does the best at reaching its target audience... cant deny it otherwise it wouldnt be leading the sales... go wii!

Foxgod3682d ago

Its funny that ps3 fanboys cheer on the wii, just so they wont have to accept that the ps3 once again lost to the 360.

Diamondwolf3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

It's funny how 360 fanboys keep attacking the PS3 fanboys for cheering the wii because it's beating them so bad they don't accept it as competition. Only laughing at the people their console is beating!

How'd I do? Do I sound like a fanboy yet?

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