Fils-Aime: Era Of Passive Entertainment Is Waning

Although many game execs have stepped up to add their cautious sentiments on the economy to the prevailing opinion, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime took a different tack during his talk at the BMO Capital Markets annual Interactive Entertainment Conference.

One might joke that this is because perhaps Nintendo, with its wide industry lead, has little to worry about even in a true recession. However, Fils-Aime -- who found he had to raise the microphone to accommodate his height after "all the short people" who presented before him -- acknowledged the economic concerns, but chose to focus instead on... the internet in 1996?

Back then, Fils-Aime explained, the top five most popular websites were search engines of some stripe -- and yet today, in the era of Facebook and YouTube, the top five feature "content composed entirely by users for the benefit of other users."

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