Wii Sales Through the Roof

November 13, 2008 - Sales of Nintendo's little white console were off the charts in October, according to new data released by the NPD Group. Wii sold 803,000 units for the month, singlehandedly outselling Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PSP combined. Microsoft's console sold through 371,000 units; PS3 190,000 and PSP 193,000. PS2, meanwhile, picked up another 136,000 players.

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JhawkFootball063659d ago

Holy s*** I just started bursting out laughing when I saw that

Tyris Flare3659d ago

Meh, that picture's been over used. Isn't this a duplicate story?

GCO Gamer3659d ago

Sales r up but, are the games getting any better? Because last time I check there were some very BAD games on the Wii, but the Wii is still very cool.

ICUP3659d ago

Does it matter?

causal gamers simply don't care.

kunit22c3659d ago

yes the game are getting better, at their fall conference they announced soooo many games!! here is like 75% of the games comming

but theres only that many because i dont like the other games.. but anyways yeah the games are getting better and yes i realize like 5 o fthose games are out.

ChickeyCantor3659d ago

Maybe if you supported it and "cared", we wouldn't be seeing so much trash on it.

Wii games are getting better, last time you checked must have been ages ago =P

Megaton3659d ago

I dunno what this says about the current gaming climate, but I don't like it.

The two consoles with consistent quality titles being released can't even sell half as much as the Wii in pretty much any given month. There's something very wrong about that.

BrotherNick3659d ago

I don't think so at all, these are new gamers, you'll still have your hardcore games...and they'll have their casual games.

Megaton3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Yeah, I get that, and I play lots of games that are considered "casual", but it just doesn't feel right to me. I guess Nintendo just has pop culture shoppers by the balls, and it pains me to see the Nintendo from my childhood turn into a corny family moment of waggling.

BrotherNick3659d ago

I think for many of the casuals it's more like an arcade. I still enjoy the core games that come out for the wii, so I'm satisfied.

ChickeyCantor3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

It actually tells something about the "hardcore" gamers.
If it isn't selling that great i really wonder how some claim that the Wii is destroying the industry while..."hardcore" gamers aren't doing so great at buying consoles.

Well if we go by your statement, Hardcore gamers....they really are just a small niche market then?

Where are the 120m PS2 users? I really do wonder, but i never believed that those 120 were all "hardcore".
(and no im not trying to bash anything i'm just wondering)

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JhawkFootball063659d ago

Seems like I have been seeing these articles since the wii launched.. oh wait I have..

Gr813659d ago

Is destroying the competition because they learned that catering exclusively to a pigeonholed demographic limits your growth potential. I don't get the b!tching, moaning, and complaining from fanboys and their anger and such at the Wii. I'd rather they ignore it than attempt to belittle the system or its users.

Like I've said take away Wii's contribution and where does that leave our industry? the industry that the so called hard core love so much? the so called hardcore love this industry so much that they don't want it to ever expand beyond their limited little nest. That's not love, that's what possesive boyfriends do to their abused girlfriends right before they give them the OJ treatment. In other words HD consoles are a bigger concern to hurting our industry than the Wii is. Why? look at the companies in the red, even when they sell HD software they can't recoup the losses. That's a HUGE problem.

Grow up. Look at history, this is no different than the generation that birthed the NES, which was also called a fad.

Mahr3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

"I don't get the b!tching, moaning, and complaining from fanboys and their anger and such at the Wii."

I don't think that behavior's too difficult to understand. People have a vested interest in the success (or lack thereof) of the products which they buy. When someone spends money on something, they need to feel some form of vindication that they have made the correct choice.

I remember when the PS3 first came out, it was completely insane. Whether it was people getting mugged and shot while in the lines, or in my case, paying some friends (who had no interest in games whatsoever) to come along and allow people like me to bypass the one-PS3 per customer rule. And after managing to score about five of them, I turned around and got them on Ebay the instant I got to a computer. I managed to auction them off for several thousand apiece, though there was a window of time where other people's were going for five digit sums.

Now when someone pays six hundred, or six thousand dollars for a game console, they've basically tied themselves for better or worse to that console. And when that console, for instance, doesn't even have any worthwhile games on it, and is not even actually going to get any for, uh, a year and a half or so with the release of MGS4, well, that can't be a fun place to be in.

And then when they see a meeker, much cheaper console achieving mass popularity for a minute *fraction* of what they paid (thousands or even just the normal six hundred retail price vs. a quarter of a thousand), the magnitude of the loss could and *should* psychologically devastate a person.

Call it sour grapes, resentment, or even just despair at the failure of technical power to equate to commercial superiority; Nintendo reaps the benefit of the Pacman-shape in a pie-chart detailing the revenue being made by the industry while its competitors struggle for control of Pacman's mouth. If that hack Marx was right about commodity fetishism or Veblen was about conspicuous consumption, then it is integral to these people's identity that their product of choice beats out the product which was not of their choice.

And as time goes on, fanboys get more and more desperate as the object of their fanaticism fails to knock out what they perceive to be an inferior product.

Hence, why the attitudes toward the Wii have been amorphous this generation. It's the console of old people and soccer moms, it's the console of children, there's nothing but shovelware on it, the only good games on it are first-party games, there's only one third-party game worth anything, there are no AAA games, there's only a couple third-party games worth playing, there's only a couple AAA games and they're really old, there are no hardcore games, there are no hardcore games except (X) and (Y)), there are no hardcore games this year, the hardcore games on the Wii are not as hardcore as the games on the other systems and even if it does have AAA games the other consoles have games which are *more* AAA, et cetera.

This is also why a lot of these people have spent this generation in a state of denial. I remember when Microsoft and Sony were supposed to be the apparent winners of this generation over two years once they were released. Then two years ago, when the Wii came out, were gamers going to realize the greatness of its competitors. Neither happened, so the argument shifted to "You'll see in the next Holiday season, when the novelty wears off and the Wii gets destroyed!" Last Christmas then passed, and the date where PS3 sales were supposed to skyrocket shifted to whenever Blu-Ray achieved dominance over HD. February passed with almost no noticeable effects, and the argument became "You'll see.... When GTAIV comes out! Or when MGS4 comes out!" Well, April and June have now passed.

We're now going into 2008's holiday season. Prices have been slashed, tons of top-selling games have come out, owners of various sytems are crowing "Is it possible for too many good games to be out?" and the Wii's still on top. That has to be driving the people who were devoted enough to spend thousands of dollars on the PS3 or the 360 at launch completely *crazy*.

In all probability, they're just going to get more desperate and more hostile as time goes on.

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