NXE Preview: Third (and final) wave

Major Nelson writes:

"We did it twice before and we're going to do it again. We're adding more people to the NXE Preview Program. This time, over 10,000 more Xbox LIVE members are being added in this third and final stage of the New Xbox Experience Preview Program. If you are chosen, you will receive an email later tonight (be sure to check your spam folder or add [email protected] to you safe list) followed by the update tomorrow (November 14th) afternoon (PT). As before, we're only pulling names from those that originally signed up (there is no way to sign up if you missed it, sorry) and this selection process will be at random from those that previously filled out the Connect Program Survey from my original post. Again, this is final wave. All Xbox LIVE members will be getting the New Xbox Experience via Xbox LIVE November 19th."

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Mikelarry3657d ago

in this time. phew cant wait to test this baby out.

Gam713657d ago

I'm in as well.
Already put on the leaked files last week


Is it just me or do other people think that because this update is so huge that once you turn on the console with the new dashboard it will be almost like having a new console again..........cant wait.

Gam713657d ago

The new dashboard does make it feel like a new console.

It's hard to explain but it works so well and there is no pauses, delays in navigating and its so fast it's like when you reinstall windows because all the junk you installed has started to slow down your system.

it's not just while your in the dashboard but try bringing up the blades while playing. Thats faster and the new look is good as well.

Marceles3657d ago

I got in, it said I can get it at 2pm PST