Sony Touts PS3 Value

The standard 80GB PlayStation 3 retails for $399, considerably far away from the mass market "sweet spot" of $199.

But Sony Computer Entertainment America VP of sales Ian Jackson said on Thursday it's the value that counts.

At the BMO Capital Markets Interactive Entertainment Conference on Thursday, he said, "Now, I've heard it said a number of times from a lot of different folks: 'Well, you know, It's all about price and it's all about what you can provide, and everybody's price conscious.'"

He described the PS3 as a device with entertainment versatility, strong game support and Blu-ray compatibility. "There is no product in the industry today on the videogame console market that delivers what a PlayStation 3 delivers for under $400, in the case of the 80GB."

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ruibing3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

It really depends on the perception of the consumer, most of whom are a) oblivious to the value of the PS3 compared to its competitors and b) a bit short sighted and can't see beyond the price tag, especially in this economy. It is difficult to blame them as the media is of no help (e.g. always downplaying the impact of Blu Ray and equating it to upscaled DVD), while MS touts its early lead and software prowess/mononpoly with several key alliances and services (e.g. Games for Windows Live). For now, all Sony should focus on is getting the message across with advertisement of the 08 and early 09 titles.

When the US economy regains its traction sometimes in 09 (I really hope it does) and disproportion between the yen and dollar disappears, a price drop on the PS3 can then finally cement itself into retail.

MURKERR3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

its no good in talking about what you offer, advertise why its this price,advertise the functions it has over its competition,advertise exclusive games(lbp one of the best games ever made has been done an injustice by sonys lack of advertising),obviously a lower price would be amazing but sony are a business and need to stay afloat, so the lack of advertising especially in this crucial seasonal period still shows me sony have arrogance,sony are no longer the 'apple' of electronics, that crown ironically now belongs to apple,the sooner sony realise &stop living on past glorys and realise the rebuilding of a reputation needs to begin the better and im not just talking about ps3 im talking about their whole corp from their tv's to walkmans sony are not 1st choice anymore

sony are their own worst enemy and i only own a ps3, but i refuse to be blinded

ultimolu3623d ago

While I agree Sony needs to do more advertising (I think their planning a huge marketing campaign for the holiday season), I also think they're depending on word of mouth. Their goal this year is to make a profit.

That won't change anytime soon.

MURKERR3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

havnt got that word of mouth pulling power nomore even more so that usually the words said about sony aint favourable due to so much unjustified biasness and negativity towards sony

look at lbp..its a f%^$king tradegy that sony are doing media molecule an injustice by not advertising like ms do gears

apple are where sony used to be desirable nomatter the price,sony need to suck it up and get those advertisements out there on heavy rotation

StephanieBBB3623d ago

The PS3 is more expensive than the 360 but still it's no more expensive than the Ps2 and original xbox was when they first came out. It's normal in an products life cycle to be very expensive at first and then later drop in price and that's why I get worried about how Microsoft has droped the price of the 360 too much too early in it's life cycle. It makes me think that they are planing on ditching the 360 and come out with an new console in the near future.

My advice to people would be to buy a PS3 and wait untill xbox 720 or whatever it's name is gonna be, comes out. That way you can avoid the RROD and hardware problems and still get your preferable console in the end.

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khellendros13623d ago

I'm really sick of hearing about this. Sony's not going to drop their price and I don't think they should. The PS3 clearly offers more options than the 360. It is clearly a more expensive product with more expensive parts. For people who can't see the value and say they just want to play videogames then go get a 360 or Wii. Then when they realize all the stuff you have to buy to get the most out of the 360( a decent size HDD, Xbox Live account), they are not paying much less.

GrandTheftZamboni3623d ago

... a sucker is born every minute.

Sarcasm3623d ago

You see the problem is just the way the minds of the consumers work.

It's not just about long-term value. It's about short-term gain, and long-term investment.

Otherwise, why do you think so many people have credit cards? They would rather pay $199 on something now using their credit card, when in reality after paying interest rates it's more like $250 plus. And consumers don't seem to care!

They don't mind spending $250, or $300 for a $199 product, just as long as they only have to pay the $199 now.

You can tell that same consumer who just spent $300 for a $199 Product A, to go and buy Product B which includes the same things as Product A with more features for $250, most of them won't do it.

And it doesn't seem to get any better. The mothers and fathers are teaching they're kids "You have to have good credit if you want to survive in this country."

Once they are old enough to have bank accounts, the natural thing they do is get credit cards. And guess what? Spend spend spend and end up in debt.

It's unfortunately the same kind of mentality for this whole PS3 vs 360 value comparison. You can get the 360 for $199 because it doesn't hurt now. Sure you have to fork over $100 for a wi-fi, $5-10 for a battery charger, $50/year to play online, etc. etc. but you don't have to buy that stuff until later.

Tell that same person who's buying a $199 360 to go and buy a $399 PS3, and they'll just think you're nuts.

Shaka2K63623d ago

You get what you pay for.

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