Yakuza 3 new screenshots

Sega has released in the latest Famitsu magazine some new screenshots of Yakuza 3 for the PlayStation 3. The game is due for release next year in Japan

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TheColbertinator3598d ago

The graphics engine for Yakuza 3 is very impressive.I wonder if other developers will want to borrow it as well

SickNick853598d ago

Sega Come On!!! We want this game and the Kenzan in Europe in 2009 not in 2011

Twiky3598d ago

it's simply incredible

Fishy Fingers3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Looking good. But they're scans not screens.

20+ minutes of gameplay >

Sevir043597d ago

what was that demo we played back in april for PS3 from the Japanese PS store? that was yakuza 3 wasn't it? and you were in the past, fighting dudes in kimonos and stuff. like feudal japan time, did they scrap the idea and went modern to not loose people from the story? either way i like whats going on. and a very nice looking exclusive...

mirroredderorrim3598d ago

Wow.. it looks very cool. one of the pictures, within the scans, reminds me of Shibuya or Yokohama alley-ways..

I wonder if they'll have Lawson stores in the game and or those soft-drink vending machines all over the place. :O

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