GameBoyz: Quantum of Solace Review

GameBoyz writes: "As I write this review the next James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, is set to hit theaters about 24 hours or so. Having grown up watching Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, Pierce Bronson, and now Daniel Craig all play the famed British agent, I am looking forward to seeing what the newest movie has to offer. Activision has recently released a game licensed upon Quantum of Solace and it goes by the exact same name. Being that many games licensed on blockbuster movies usually don't deliver, I was somewhat nervous as I didn't want to see James Bond's reputation soiled on the current generation of consoles. However, after sitting down and playing the Xbox 360 version of Quantum of Solace I would have to say that my worries have been swept aside. Although not the best title to hit the market this holiday season Quantum of Solace is a solid game that many 007 fans should be pleasantly surprised with".

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