Resident Evil 5 screenshots: "We got chainsaw wielding sackboys!"

From "It's the same batch of recycled baddies: from axe-wielding butchers to rabid dogs (aaw, it's Fluffy!). RE4's burlap-faced chainsaw-wielding Los Ganados has his own reincarnation here too. He gives an entirely new definition to Sackboy-ness. Ain't he cute?"

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big shadow3657d ago

cool screenshots. Cant wait for this game to come out

Cwalat3657d ago

alot of ppl critisized the fact that RE4 was the greatest game of all time... after RE5 ppl will no doubt say that it's the best game of all times... mark my word on that... Best game of all time...

I just can't imagine how the puzzles are going to be in this game.. with coop and everything.. :D

Kush_Reaper3657d ago

Sackboy? think he meant to say sackman. On topic, i CANNOT stress how much this game is going to rock :)