IGN: Resistance: Retribution PSP Plus Impressions

Last night, Sony threw a mini-bash in downtown San Francisco to celebrate the PlayStation 3 turning two. Killzone 2 played on one TV, Flower on another, and Resistance: Retribution was on a third. At first glance, the PSP station looked like folks were playing the same level the world was introduced to at E3, but upon closer inspection, it became clear that this was Resistance: Retribution running with Resistance 2 and PSP Plus functionality.

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sinncross3654d ago

Wow this sounds amazing and very clever.
The idea of the PS3 version 'infecting' the main character of the PS version will easily add the the replayability, and potentially help sales of R2, and even RR.
However the part that I like is that the PS3 controller will obviously make the game easier to control... so essentially you'll be able to wreck more damage, survive longer, get through situations quicker, as if you really were infected.


thezuur3654d ago

i saw a few articles back that the x360 is going to link up with the zune. i'm kinda glad to see it. even tho i don't have x360.

FAQS3654d ago

AHHHH...Another amazing game for my PSP library, after GOW chains, Crysis Core, GTA VCS and LCS, Syphon Filter DM and LS, Patapon, locorocco, Tekken, Burnout legends, Ratchet SM, Dexter, MGS portable ops, Wipeout pure and pulse, Fifa 09......

Kingsora3654d ago

Thanks to R2 RR is going to have extra sales. I wonder if they have something added that you can't play a pirated PSP version of RR with R2 (atleast I hope so, I don't want to see the PSP die :( )

Figboy3654d ago

this is about the PSP, not the DS, but since you chose to come here, it must not be TOO dead to you.

the DS is great as well, but the handhelds are very different, and satisfy two very different markets.

both have excellent games, however. how one can be "dead to" anyone is surprising.

i play the PSP because it has games i just CAN'T get on the DS. i play the DS because it has games i just CAN'T get on the PSP. both are very much alive and worth the time to me. i prefer my PSP more, and play it more, but the DS is certainly a much greater system than it's big brother the Wii (i can't name 5 games i'd play on the Wii, whereas i have a whole LIST of DS games i like, and or can't wait to get my hands on).

Figboy3654d ago

in this story is not being able to use the PS3 to view the video output from the PSP.

other than that, the game looks and sounds awesome.

the Syphon Filter games on the PSP were great, so i have no doubt that Resistance: Retribution will be great as well.

i'll probably play it through the first time WITHOUT Infected mode, then beat it, and play it again connected to my PS3.

it's a very unique, clever idea, and i'd be happy if more games utilized a similar connectivity between the PSP and PS3.

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