GamesRadar: Killzone 2 Multiplayer Preview

GamesRadar writes: "You may have missed it since only a select few gamers were invited, but the Killzone 2 closed beta trial has been well underway and word is the first hands-on raises more questions than it answers. The past three years have seen hype swell around Killzone 2 like no other game before it, so the chance for Joe Public to get hands-on and vent some opinions was a brave move by Sony. Brave and confident".

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Sarah Palin3680d ago

still no crysis. but very nice all the same.

TheExecutive3680d ago

This is a story about KZ2 not a comparison between KZ and crysis.

Anyway, it is remarkable what they were able to accomplish with the little ram they have.

paskowitz3680d ago

I can not stand the skeptic assimilation of this article. Why does everything have to be compared with COD. Is FarCry 2 COD, no. Is Battlefield COD, no. Is Killzone 2 COD, we do not know yet but as the trend goes probably not.

It is not like COD4 is the law of all FPSs. I find COD4 to have a very unique feel. FC2 while very similar in execution and general shooting "look" is nothing like COD4. So Killzone might look a little like COD4 and have similar mechanics as COD4 but what new stuff it brings to the table is what could set it apart. No not graphics but the way it feels.

Last time I checked COD4 and Killzone 2 are very different, the guns fire differently, your character moves differently, the weapons are completely different, KZ2 has classes, COD4 has perks, KZ2 has in general larger maps and is on a larger scale, COD4s intensity draws from its "tightness", KZ2 has customizable matches and a layered clan system, COD4 has clans, KZ2 has uncustomizable weapons, COD4 has customizable weapons etc etc. The only things they have in common are, FPS, some type of leveling system, some kind of upgrades, similar game modes, sprint, crouch, run and gun gameplay. The one thing that would really help KZ case is some new game modes. To MGS4, Halo and GeoWs credit they all have come up with some innovative multiplayer matches. KZ2 should have more game types. SAD, TDM, DM, CTF, and ASSAS is not really enough in my opinion. I would like to see, KOTH, Zombies, a different take on Geow2s wingman, hardcore matches, jugg, and base. MGS4 seemed like this until they reveal sneaking mission, when one person gets to control snake during a TDM (which I love). All KZ2 needs is 1 or 2 new game modes.

I am not saying COD4 is bad or Killzone 2 will be teh best or meh, just that the whole COD4 is what all other FPS games should be compared to is flawed and that KZ2s multiplayer could use a little more variety. Something 3 months of development time can easily fix.

byeGollum3680d ago

i bet thats why one of infinity ward's staff member was going mad, since every shooter has to be compared to COD4 ... for me it wasnt even all that .. it was good yeah quality ... but over hyped maybe? ... hmmm ... all FPS should be like cod4 (*Rolls Eyes*)

CrippleH3680d ago

Killzone 2 deserves not to be compared but have it's own identity.