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green3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

So Microsoft was right

happyface3204d ago

if ps3 is getting outsold 2 to 1 at the holidays they're just hosed

Little Big Planet comes out and no casuals buy ps3s for it?

R2 comes out and no one buys ps triples?

Breakfast3204d ago

2008 is the year of the ps3.

Im glad all the hoopla is over.
I can rest now.


RSX3204d ago

R2 Didnt come out in October.

LightningPS33204d ago

what's it gonna take for Sony to understand that they can't compete with the prices being the way they are right now.

Right now it's only 180k, which is almost 2-1. But this it's a sign that it's gonna get very bad in November and December.

shazam3204d ago

im sorry but even squirrel logic tells us that R2 came out in november and lbp came out in late october (the 28th) and this is october npd not november. and squirrels will go all the way back to the side of the road they started if a car comes, even if they are more than three quarters of the way across. so clearly some of the people above me are dumber than squirrels.

Danja3204d ago

The 360 had a major price cut in October what did you guy expect to happen...

R2 came out Novemeber 4th , LBP Oct.28th....

Ne ways the PS3 still selling well....and im enjoying R2 , LBP ,M2 and Socom currently so im not losing out...on nothing..!! ^.^

green3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

So what about fallout 3?Didn't fallout 3 drop on the 28th as well?So how come the 360 version of fallout 3 outsold LBP by 150,000 copies?

Evaluate yourself from head to toe properly before calling people dumb.

Ju3204d ago

Guess Sony perfectly understands that without a price cut they loose big - if you would consider success is solely based on numbers sold. For them, however, it could mean, find a way to justify not to sink even more money into the business, but getting some in return. Well, now, if you have a huge margin to play with, well, yes, then #sold will have an impact on your bottom line. However, if you just kill your profits or, worse, increase your debt, you'd think twice if you want to sell more.

No doubt, lowering the price will sell more PS3s. And it is a pain for a customer to go out buy a "toy" for $400 right now. I understand. But from a business perspective, they won't lower the price unless they can reduce the costs even further until this makes sense. No whining in the world will change that.

I am pretty sure there is a road map to a price cut, just - as a pity for some - it won't happen this year. But, compares to MS (not to Nintendo, I guess), there is room to get the price down. Wii can also go down below $200, I suppose, but will the 360 ever drop further ? I give MS the benefit of the moment, it'll be way harder as soon as PS3 hits $299, which it will sooner or later.

BrunoM3204d ago

hey sup guys well im not gona be here trying to fight other IDEAS but just in case u guys dont know the ps3 has still out sould the 360 ALL year (and by that i mean world sale for all of 08 so far)

and in a all SONY is doing great psp ps2 (wow there) and the ps3 ..

Breakfast3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

...But they lost in the playoffs.

Metaphor for Sony, if you didnt know.


Mods happened to my bubbles. Dont step on their toes, on touchy warning you :(

I just won a small victory here Danja....dont take that away from me.

Danja3204d ago

damn Breakfast ..what happened to ur bubbles dude..?

so in other words you mean the 360 might be outselling the PS3 for the while..but the PS3 will eventually overtake the 360 total install base...when it's all said and done...LOL..!

jwatt3204d ago

Wow good numbers for the 360 with it's price cut but that was expected. I thought the ps3 would be a little higher, I think the 200 mark would have been just right. I would have to say the 360 actually effected the ps3 sales this time around. I also think the main contribution to this was Price cut plus Rockband being exclusive for a month. I think Nov is going to go to the 360 also with gears of war.

Even with the Numbers, I know Sony is not worried and expected these kind of results because they're were not going to give the ps3 a price cut. I think the ps3 still held it's own though.

Smacktard3204d ago

How can the PS3 be selling well if the PS2 is creeping close to them in sales numbers? Please, someone explain this to me.

gambare3204d ago

I wonder if those numbers has something to do with the release of gears 2 and the price cut?

BrunoM3204d ago

humm dont get the disagrees on my coment i mean im just pointing out something that is TRUE and reall .. but W.e but can think what they like ..

So i make it a lil bit easier is like these ... a 3 year old console has a 3 or 2 Mil consoles sale ahead of a 2 year old condole it had about 5 to 6 Mil head start .. but what ever thats not inportant ..

point is In world wide sale these year the year of 08 the ps3 and sony have out sold the Xbox360 ..

(o and just a side note i own all 3 of the consoles and the psp) no fanboi thing just something that is true thats why im pointing it out ..!

RememberThe3573204d ago

What can't you understand? Sony can not afford a price cut right now. Have you seem their losses? They cannot do that right now. Ken Kutaragi, for all he's done for us gamers, put too much into the system. It is true that the PS3 seems future proof but cost cutting did not seem to be apart of the plan at launch. The original PS3 was over engineered and Kutaragi's successor Kaz Hirai, has had one hell of a time making the system profitable. Kazz has massive losses to try to turn around, Making those losses bigger will not help the situation.

Tony P3204d ago

True. I thought MS full of bull and cooperate spin with that 2:1 comment.

Bitter Tears3204d ago





:'( :'(

Lifendz3204d ago

Sony can't lower the price because they need to actually turn a profit on that thing and that they'd rather lose the console war and earn a profit with the PS3 then win the war and bankrupt the company? Just a thought.

kunit22c3203d ago

BrunoM its not that good of an idea to be bringing up the ps2 considering that it is pretty close to the ps3 in sales, also the fact that the ps2 and ps3 sales added togather dont equal the 360's or the wii's sales, and add togather psp, ps2 and ps3 and the still dont even have as many sales as wii and barely beats the DS. And all the ps2 shows is that sony doesnt have complete trust in the ps3. So i suggest no sony fanboy bring up the ps2.

likedamaster3203d ago


The 360 just beat out PS3 on YTD sales, not by much but still on top. That's probably why. Look it up, it's there.

Emmo3203d ago

Hopeully now all the PS3 fanboys will shut up about what is coming next, 360 is smashing them.
Message to all PS3 owners, go out and buy some games.

thewhoopimen3203d ago

you 360 fanbois shouldn't be so gleeful. This price cut was meant to take over the Wii not just the ps3. With a starting price that is now $50 less than even the Wii... a sales surge is SUPPOSED to be expected. But the fact of the matter is the Wii STILL beat out the 360 even with price advantage, tech advantage, and even home turf advantage means that 360 is not winning diddly crap anytime soon. Another price drop with the 360 is NEVER going to do anything more at this point. With MS having shown its complete hand, what can the xbox division do now? What will MS use once Sony starts cutting prices? The 1st party ramp up of Sony's is gaining momentum as we speak. Programming tools are matured, technology is perfecting, and multiplats no longer carry a DISTINCT advantage on the 360 side and will continue to lose advantage to 1st party titles that clearly show superior production values.

What will 360 use to hold this advantage now?

vhero3203d ago

I'm sorry but this is US hahaha this is completly pointless you americans stick together like glue. The only reason ppl stick with MS is patriotism BS you got going over there. Making US numbers pretty much meaningless..

Bob Dole3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Who gives a sh1t? Bob Dole sure the hell doesn't. Let sony run their company the way they friggin want to and play some damn games.

SL1M DADDY3203d ago

It's NPD after all. North America only and as we all know, the price cut for MS had the biggest impact on North American numbers and only slight impact on sales elsewhere. Anybody surprised by this hike in sales and braging about it just sounds silly. Not a cent in the pockets of fanboys because of this sales sipke and yet they clammer like they just won the lootery. lol

Guys, the console is half as expensive and the games, being out longer are less costly and there are more of them. Add all that up and the 360 SHOULD be outselling the PS3... It's a no brainer. Heck, I would say it's more embarassing when the PS3 outsells the 360 given the same circumstances.

pavarotti3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

the sony army are gonna need time to regroup after seeing that. a few good rrod, why pay for live? and disc scratching threads will help heal some wounds, and give them a chance of lifting their demoralised spirits....especially as the ps2 was snapping at the ps3s heels again.

man the wii must be selling at the rate the ps2 was last gen surely?

slim daddy: embarassing for microsoft when sony outsells them?? leave it out mate. after 10 years of total domination, and a brand as big as playstation, how the f^*k is that embarassing?? i thought sony would leave the gate in 06, and wipe the floor with everybody. instead, they're probably gonna beat the 360 by a mil or two ytd in 08...that's it! it's unbelievable how badly the most recent playstation console is selling compared to it's older brothers.

xhairs93203d ago

Because it was delayed right at launch. Those of us who went to get it and heard it was delayed...still don't have it. I don't plan on getting fallout 3 ever, pretty much because of the fact that I've started my own personal boycott against those games that have exclusive dlc and timed exclusives. It's killing the industry, it's pissing people off, and it's just plain stupid.

majorsuave3203d ago

"1.19 - You guys think maybe
Sony can't lower the price because they need to actually turn a profit on that thing and that they'd rather lose the console war and earn a profit with the PS3 then win the war and bankrupt the company? Just a thought."

Sony make money with Music, TVs, professional TV/Broadcast gear and dozens of other divisions (see they won't bankrupt the company over a division that is probably 1% of their income.

Mainman3203d ago

In 2008, in North-America the PS3 has autsold the 360 by 50600 units including the October NPD numbers. So, PS3 is doing fine if you look at what Microsoft had to to do achieve this months numbers (price-cut).

Just add all of the X360 and PS3 2008 NPD numbers together and you'll see the PS3 still sold more than 50600 units.

But the year isnt over though. There are still 2 more months in 2008.

Personally I think the PS3 will sell more then 360 at the end of the console war. Why? Because if the PS3 can keep up with the 360 sales despite having a higher price, than it can only get better for the PS3.

jadenkorri3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

did anyone notice its only north america numbers, not worldwide, i suppose, if something sells in america, means everyone else in the world buys it too....wrong...why cause they know American built stuff never last...althou i do home America does make the machines of our dustruction, we at least have a chance,if Japan does, the freaking things are gonna be solar powered, self repairing, self replicating dustructive machines...

The Lazy One3203d ago

No it hasn't. YTD sales in NA are as follows:

Wii 5,981,000 (55.0%, +0.6%)
360 2,459,200 (22.6%, +0.7%)
PS3 2,441,400 (22.4%, -1.3%)

360 just pulled ahead in october, and if it stays ahead with this momentum, it'll probably come out over a couple hundred thousand if not more.

I am in a constant state of disbelief in how much the wii sells.

The Lazy One3203d ago

October was a 4 week month, September was 5.

the PS3 actually sold 2% better per week in october than september.