Need For Speed: Undercover - Content Already Available At Playstation Store

With this week's update at the Playstation Store, there is already lots of Need For Speed: Undercover content. With just 5 days away from the release date, you can already purchase lots of stuff for when you get your hands on your game.

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Heaven_Or_Hell3682d ago

Seriously... There is already 66.25$ of add-on for a game that it isn't on store yet ?
WTF ?!? I call this complete bullsh*t from EA. I mean, c'mon, for the add-on you can buy, you can have a game instead Oo

Speed-Racer3682d ago

dont worry, MS is gonna charge us for stuff as well (if we are lazy to actually play the game etc).

andron3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Buy now play later?

Lots of uninteresting DLC for other games too. Namco actually offers you to buy(unlock) weapons in SCIV, and Lucasarts offer a few new characters. Too bad Unleashed is so short and variable fun it's wasted...