TeamXbox: Shaun White Snowboarding Multiplayer Hands-on

TeamXbox writes: "Tapping into the laid-back attitude that snowboarding culture is famous for exemplifying, Shaun White Snowboarding's online multiplayer makes it extremely easy to chill on a mountaintop with fellow dude (and dudette) snow-carving enthusiasts. Recently hitting the powder in the game's virtual versions of Park City and Alaska, we were able to enjoy some of this relaxed vibe during an extended online session. The title's freedom-encouraging nature, complemented by its massive, open wintry world, was immediately apparent as soon as we selected the welcoming "Ride with Friends" option. Waiting for a challenge to begin didn't try our patience at all, as we hung out, chatted a bit and playfully tossed snowballs at each other while waiting for our demo'er to test our skills. You can forget what so many other online experiences have taught you; you'll find no headache-inducing lobbies in these multiplayer mountains."

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Radiodread3685d ago

its either this or skate 2.