Dana White visits THQ for new UFC 2009 gameplay

Dana White, the President of the UFC has posted a blog post of his recent trip to THQ, the makers of the new up and coming UFC game, UFC 2009 Undisputed. Click the jump to see brand new footage of the UFC game

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outlawlife3679d ago

dana white is a chode but the game looks pretty tight actually

zoedynasty3679d ago

well, dana white is the PRESIDENT of a FIGHT organization. Its not like we expect him to be super classy. Anyways I cant freaking wait for this game! It looks pretty solid so far, but needs more work. I hope they change the character select screen, its not that appealing. I'd like if they had it like in some dynasty warriors games.

(to improve the character select screen)All the fighters would be displayed but in a circle that you can rotate to choose your character. And to choose divisions (lightweight,welter etc.) you can press a R1 or bumper button to switch the divisions/filter individual divisions. Yet, like what happened to fight night rd 3, it takes forever to load the character models...

Th3 Chr0nic3679d ago

this game is going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! prefight fights anyone?