Top 10 Video Game Endings

The Video Game Ending. It's what every video gamer seeks when playing the game. Gamers spend hours trying to conquer a game just to be able to see the resolution of their whole adventure or lack thereof. Sometimes tragedy strikes in the ending of the game, alluding to a subsequent game in the series. Sometimes the ending of a game just plain sucks like the end of Ghost's n Goblins. Bad endings can ruin the experience of a whole game, which we will cover in a future list. For now though, we will go through the games with the best endings video game history. Making the choices were hard, and objectivity in these cases is always treading the line of subjectivity. Nevertheless, these are the endings that stood out the most for us.

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The Matrix3683d ago

I might sound crazy but...I loved Assassin's Creed's ending. A lot of people hated how it was such a cliff hanger but it was a cool cliff hanger that left you so excited for the next game.

Alvadr3682d ago

The ending to AC was a good one, just short. But deffinatly makes you interested for the sequel

SaiyanFury3682d ago

Not too bad. Did anyone here notice something? At least one of the games was on the original PlayStation. Coming from Old Wizard this is groundbreaking considering that 95% of their articles about games are about Nintendo only consoles. Especially as they consider themselves Nintendo fanboys and are outspoken advocates of everything Nintendo, especially the original consoles.

TheUsedVersion3682d ago

I think I would have to add Final Fantasy IX to that list. From the final hit on the last boss to the very last scene lasts 45 minutes. It shows what happens to all the characters after the game and ties up all the loose ends. Epic ending for an epic game.

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Son of Odin3683d ago

actually a good list for once. props for metal gear solid.

Bob Dole3682d ago

Yeah Bob Dole thinks they should have put Fallout 2 somewhere on that list. Just the sheer number of variables to the ending made it awesome.

Samus20803683d ago

What? No Bionic Comando? That game had the best ending of all time

tinydancer3683d ago

never beat that game...way too hard.

Samus20803683d ago

Hmm. Including Super Metroid was a bit strange.