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Bioshock: PS3 patch now LIVE

PS3 Bioshock patch is now LIVE.

It wasn't slated to come out until Nov. 20th, but it looks like it was ready early. Here is a list of what it should fix.

Enables Add On Content functionality for the Challenge Rooms and New Game Plus
Add-On Content required to use this functionality

Big Daddy Bounce, Elite Bouncer, and Other Textures Appeared Pixelated
Fix for an issue where large blocky pixels would show up whenever viewing the Bouncer and Elite Bouncer variants of the Big Daddy. Also fixes various other texture pixelation including weapons.

White Bars
Fix for an issue where white/discolored bars would show up at the right and bottom sides of the screen during the plane crash / water scene at the beginning of the game.

Dark Big Daddy After Resurrection
Fix for an issue where Big Daddy would occasionally turn black after the player dies and is then resurrected.

Shrinking Fire Particles
Fix for an issue where some fire particles would shrink every time they were retriggered.

Big Daddies Gushing Abnormal Amounts of Blood
Fix for an issue where Big Daddies would gush abnormal amounts of blood after being killed by a critical hit while having more than 10% health (ie, from another Big Daddy's gun).

PS Button Crash
Fix for an issue where the game would crash when PS button hit during hacking when vsync turned to off

Rare Hang
Fix for a rare issue where the game would hang caused by a deadlock between the renderer, havok, and the main game threads.

Incorrect Water Fog Rendering
Fix for an issue where reflective water would sometimes be rendered with incorrect fog colors.

Subtitles Not Disappearing After Audio Finishes
Fix for an issue where audio subtitles would occasionally not go away, even after the audio finished playing.

Menu UI Sounds Too Loud
Fix for an issue where menu sounds were too loud.

Unlocalized Autosave Message – NA ONLY
Fix for an issue where the autosave message wasn't localized.

Some Localized Strings Were Too Long
Fix for several issues where localized strings were too long. This includes the 'Cannot Carry:' message, ammo name lengths, weapon name lengths, and the Location in Fisheries 'Upper Freezer'.

Hang After Dying While Using Combination Lock – NA ONLY
Fix for an issue where the game would hang if the player dies while using a combination lock with the Vita-Chamber option off. (BioShock, PS3)

ape007  +   2133d ago
patch will make the graphics better than 360?

if yes,then ps3 version is the definitive version,cause the of extra gameplay

just go for it

bioshock ftw

edit:it looks like this version will look best after this patch,definitive version confirmed

congrats 2K
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Tubby McNutsack  +   2133d ago
Definitive version confirmed.
SullyDrake  +   2133d ago
Just awesome
Thank you so much 2K. I beat it and noticed weapon pixelation as well as on the Big Daddies, and they corrected it and so much more. Every other dev take notice now, this is how you earn your praise. I am even more proud that I purchased it now after the devs took the time to patch up their mistakes, and I will be paying it a repeat visit very soon.
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Polluted  +   2133d ago
Why's everyone always so eager to "confirm" things?
ElementX  +   2133d ago
Extra gameplay in the form of challenge rooms, which you have to BUY!
Silogon  +   2133d ago
Simply amazing looking now! WOW! This is the absolute difinitive edition.
P  +   2133d ago
Fantastic,Bioshock runs great on Ps3,can't wait for the sequel
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ravinshield  +   2132d ago
patch this patch that,patch my patchstation 3
Mr PS3  +   2133d ago
No Thanks
Resistance 2 has got my Attention
Nathan_Hale_Dies   2133d ago | Spam
Slinger420  +   2133d ago
Too bad I already sold it because the 360 version is the superior version
gambare  +   2133d ago
Then why you sold it?
eXo8  +   2133d ago
You give 420 a bad name. Shame on you.
Cernunnos  +   2133d ago
Good patch, fixed a lot of stuff:)
kornbeaner  +   2133d ago
How did this game get passed Sony Submission. there are so many bugs that this patched fixed, it would appear as if it was broken upon release. Somebody dropped the ball on this version of the game.

Either 2K needs to get better QA personal or Sony needs to get better QA personal cause a patch to fix so many bugs is really unacceptable.

Good thing that the game has been "fixed" but this game should have never been release to the public in the state it was in.
Tony P  +   2133d ago
It's the new trend in console gaming. Meet the deadlines and if it's buggy, patch it up later.

Not as bad as I make it sound though. None of the bugs were gamebreaking so I wouldn't complain too much. They seem to mainly fix minor or graphical errors. Nothing like, say, the excellent Fallout 3 where some quests are indeed broken.
mirroredderorrim  +   2133d ago
I have not finished the game, so...
This is good news. Anyway you look at it.

I'm making it a Bioshock night, tonight!

firetaw  +   2133d ago
fixes that 2K were forced to do
if nobody complained, this patch would have never come out so good job everyone, lets keep those devellopers on the right path.
GamingGeekPS3360  +   2133d ago
wooow....Bioshock sounds like it was
Broke.....thats a pretty big list...

I guess its time to by and play it for the second time....this generation....
Harry190  +   2133d ago
I haven't even started playing the game yet. Good for me then. I still have to do a few things in Dead Space before I move on.
thelastawakening  +   2133d ago
my roommate has it, I can play it in confidence now
ZILLA  +   2133d ago
D E A D S P A C E G O T Y !!
im waiting for the dlc for DEADSPACE and play it thru one more time then i think ill get BIOSHOCK to carry me to K I L L Z O N E 2 !
PsYcHoToE1  +   2133d ago
Ok then.......
Now I'll buy the game, this is what I been waiting for. Thanks 2K
andron666  +   2133d ago
Great work Take 2...
This update list may seem long, but the only one I have encountered was the pixelated weapon texture on the rocket launcher. And you hardly noticed it when playing the game anyway.

This is a great game. Everyone should at least try it once...
andron666  +   2133d ago
I managed to say Take 2 in my 2 posts instead of 2K. Too late to edit.

Well good job 2K ...LoL
Socomer 1979  +   2133d ago
oh thanks 2k according to mainstream media you are still too late.
you're part of the damage dealt to ps3. Thanks everybody appreciates your patch for a broken game & now we can all say "finnaly the enhanced version has arrived"!

Who's next Bethesda ?
No not yet. Not until they sell thier dlc exclusive deal dry.

Gamers don't take my attitude serious. I'm just acting the way the developers want me to feel about
my preference of a working console. Check this out:

You mean 2k does care about bioshock for the ps3?! Wow maybe I should have bought bioshock on the first day.
andron666  +   2133d ago
Take 2 did a good job with PS3 Bioshock...
They made a great port and have now patched the few bugs that were present. It was never a broken shoddy port to begin with. Only issue I had were the pixelated texture on the rocket launcher. I think Take 2 deserves praise for a job well done.

I don't think you can compare it to Fallout 3 and it's game breaking glitches. On their forums I have read about Fo3 bricking both PS3 and 360 alike. After that I decided to wait and see if Bethesda fixes this before I will buy it...
magikmark8  +   2133d ago
Is it live in the US?
I booted up my copy (PS3) and it didnt say anything about a new update
harv052  +   2133d ago
Yup. Me neither...
MegaMohsi  +   2132d ago
No patch for me either
I live in NYC booted up the game last night, nothing. Woke up this morning and nothing...
Yo Mama  +   2132d ago
I live in the US and it was here yesterday. Sony might have accidentally put it up early and removed it. The downloadable content didn't make it in the PSN update yesterday, so that's probably why.

Oh well, it pays to be the early bird.
MegaMohsi  +   2132d ago
Yeah that's the only thing that makes sense, SCEA probably made a mistake because SCEE and SCEJ had no patch up, I believe it was only available in NA, hopefully we'll hear something official soon.
byeGollum  +   2133d ago
Kudos 2k
Respects, Shows you they care (:
Nathan_Hale_Dies   2133d ago | Spam
GhostFaceGamer  +   2132d ago
auto save function???
sh1t did i miss something?

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