Playstation 3 "Reflections" TV Spot: "Office Perks"

PLAYSTATION 3 Holiday campaign launches with a series of 3 :15 second TV spots. Each TV spot hints to what is come for the bigger campaign that will launch on 11/21.

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PoSTedUP3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

this is going to be big, i bet sony was saving their money for a really big ad and they let their games and name brand sell their consoles up until now. sony is about to do something extraordinary watch.

ultimolu3657d ago

You could be right. O_O

Sony would be stupid to not advertise for the holidays and I do mean stupid!

In other news, I got my Sony Bravia! Yesh! :3

PoSTedUP3657d ago

aw lucky you, im getting a MAG 32'in 1080i lcd for 350$ at the end of this month....hey its better than nothing! XD

but yea i have a strong feeling that thats what they are doing : P

doshey3657d ago

wow were just posting this here when i could go back two weeks and see this commercial

IzKyD13313657d ago

to everyone that calls this ad lame or stupid, read the description

LSDARBY3657d ago

So is this just for the US?

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