New Study Shows Violent Games Make Mornings Worse

Negative Gamer writes:

"The paper, published in Acta Paediatrica, used 19 boys aged between 12 and 15 and told them to play one violent, and one non-violent game for 2 hours before bed. Measurements of their heartbeat and movement were measured whilst they played, and during the following night of sleep."

NG have essentially a nice translation of the report from technical talk (though the link to the report is given) into stuff we can understand.

NG conclude:

"So there you have it, violent games clearly have a different impact on the gamer, but not on the quality of their sleep. Saying that, if you want to make getting out of bed easier on a Monday morning, don't play Manhunt."

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omodis4203656d ago

The lesson learned is that if you want a good morning. Play LBP before you go to bed.

The Matrix3656d ago

No what really makes mornings worse is waking up and finding out you've ran out of toilet paper and then going to Starbucks to find out they don't have any venti cups.

kesvalk3656d ago

okay, befora sleep a sesion of 1 hour of mario galaxy should do the trick...

-GametimeUK-3656d ago

problem is I will turn it on and not sleep cos I will be awake all night playing it

kesvalk3656d ago

nah, i am doing purple comets right now...

thinking about it, this will surely give me nightmares...

Hellsvacancy3656d ago

Smokin green the night b4 make u sleepier the morning after too does that make me a doctor

nycredude3655d ago

Are they even supposed to play the games they subjected them to?

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