Destructoid: FIFA 09 Review

Despite EA's checkered relationship with its customers, the company seems to be going through some sort of incredible transition. EA has released a slew of new intellectual properties, hasn't scuttled any companies recently, and, if we're to believe our resident sports enthusiast, their latest sports offerings are more than a simple roster update.

FIFA 09 certainly has a lot to live up to -- producer David Hutter has hyped the "250 key improvements and additions" to its predecessor, and EA Canada has already proven itself capable with NHL 09. In the interest of full disclosure, Destructoid must admit that they never played FIFA 08. They did, however, dig up copies of FIFA 05-07 and FIFA World Cup 2006 to see how well the latest iteration stacks up. To be honest, they're amazed that FIFA 09 is the same franchise. For a company marked by incremental improvements on its tried and true formulas, EA Canada has made remarkable jumps.

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