Gaming Excellence: Dead Space Review

Gaming Excellence: "The game truly shines during the moments where you're thrust into the vacuum of space or in areas of zero gravity. There are moments where you'll enter a huge chamber, only to be greeting by dozens or floating limbs as corpses. During these sections, Isaac can jump to any wall or ceiling, and there's no true way up or down. Of course, this means that enemies can also come from anywhere as well. Adding to the tension is a constantly draining air tank that must be re-filled by leaving the vacuum or using one-time use air canisters. However, during combat it can be easy to forget that oxygen is a requirement to live, a very common problem in my life to begin with. One of the most memorable boss battles in the game has you running along the walls in a zero gravity tin can while avoiding the attacks of the creature nesting below. Or is it above? Or to the side? Now my brain hurts…"

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