OXM: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Review

Powered by the Unreal engine, the visuals are excellent. Character models like Jax and Liu Kang border on lifelike, while The Joker and Captain Marvel from DC are realistically stylized. But fans of the last few MK games may be put off by the dearth of extras in MKvsDCU: there are no unlockable costumes or arenas, no mini-games, and only 22 playable characters (including two unlockable bosses) - about a third as many as MK: Armageddon hosted. Online play over Live will enhance this game's replayability, but a little more content would've made it an epic crossover.

* Great-looking characters and arenas!
* A return to the no-nonsense brutality of MKII and MK3.

* Lacks unlockables, mini-games, and extra characters.

* Why can't Superman do Raiden's "Superman" attack?

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RyuStrife3686d ago

Not too bad of a score. I have to agree with that questionable part though. lol

Th3 Chr0nic3686d ago

awesome i cant wait for this. i havent been super impressed with any of the past few Mk games. hopefully this will change

riksweeney3685d ago

>A return to the no-nonsense brutality of MKII and MK3

What?! MK3's gameplay and fatalities were a joke!

Th3 Chr0nic3682d ago

ok i played it and it is hands down the BEST MK GAME EVERR!!!!!!!!!!!