Gamesradar: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Review

Gamesradar: "We don't want to come down on it so much, but here the mediocrity, which might have flown anywhere else, mucks up the works even more than usual, thanks to the parts of the game that work quite well. Collecting monsters, visiting old Symphonia locations, listening to the dialogue scenes and watching the motion-captured characters act out the drama suck you in like few other Wii games can, only to have the hackneyed plot devices and persistently obnoxious sidetracking annoy the living crap out of you."

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Xander-RKoS3656d ago

Well that was down right confusing.

"You'll love the main story, but you'll hate the main story, don't bother with that..."

I get some of the points they made, but it kinda seemed like they were reviewing a movie, not a game...