Mic test, mic test: Audio Mechanica v8b

This v8b release adds some features which were included in previous versions, but didn't make it to the v8 release. Here's the changelog:

* Implemented echo loop effect with adjustable delay. Works with all microphone hardware.
* Implemented dual channel wave monitor for echo mode with extremely accurate delay indicator.
* Implemented Voice activated recording for RAM buffered recording mode.
* Fixed the Home button exit screen.

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TheHater3684d ago

Where the hell is this crappy site getting it sales figures from?

Silogon3684d ago

Inflated xbox sales
deflated ps3 sales

Ps3 has sold 17 million + units world wide to date... That is in 2 years time. Check your history books on those xbox 360's sales at the 2 year mark... They're now on their 3rd year and just hitting 21 million. Sad days to be out of change.