Sony needs to improve on PS3 game marketing strategy


"Microsoft markets with TV adverts playing on the target audience channels such as Spike TV, Sci-Fi channel and MTV constantly. Due to Sony's weak marketing campaign many consumers are often left confused or even unaware if a game has even been released.

Case in point, there are consumers that are interested in LittleBigPlanet but are still confused as to if the game has been released yet. I was at Target the other day and saw an older gentleman in his late 40s asking when LittleBigPlanet would finally be released.

Considering how great LittleBigPlanet is, I am sure it will have a long and healthy life. However, Sony should take some cues from Microsoft. One thing Microsoft is very good at is building hype up for a game and getting most of the sales within the first week of the game's launch."

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Silogon3684d ago

Sony's so tight with their money they could squeeze a quarter til' the eagle screams. Sony's idiotic mentality of publishing games and then wanting the developers to front cost for advertising is absurd... It gets them nowhere. Then Sony turns around and says they're disappointed in "Said" developers performance on their system.

How the hell is it their fault when it's your job to evangelize these products, Sony?

Genesis53684d ago

Improve? Having one would be a good start. I really wish they would use more advertising. For the hardware features and new games. I know LBP and R2 could use some air time.

SaiyanFury3684d ago

Frankly I have to agree with this article. I like Sony's products but they really should do more to get the word out. I don't suggest hyping a product as far as Microsoft goes but paying companies like Gamestop to have midnight launches for their games wouldn't be a bad idea. Lord knows I was willing to drive 40 miles to my closest Gamestop just to get my copy at midnight as Resistance 2 is one of the most anticipated titles of the year, but lo and behold when I phoned Gamestop earlier that day there was no midnight launch. Whereas they were having one for Gears of War 2. Suffice to say I was disappointed. Sony really needs to do more to get the word out to help alleviate confusion about the release dates of games.

Capital G3684d ago

get more of a variety and better quality games first.

once sony has decent games than they should worry about marketing. the did the opposite for r:fom and look what happened there

fredrikpedersen3684d ago

I believe there is an open spot for you in the 'Open zone'...

thebudgetgamer3683d ago

the only kind of game sony is lacking is rpgs and that soon to cange.
but yea they need to get their games in the faces of the public better


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