Gaming Target: Brothers in Arms: D-Day Review

Gaming Target: "If aiming, shooting, and moving are often frustrating, the tactical game and its controls are where the fun is at in Brothers in Arms: D-Day, and where the designers should have focused their attention when transferring the game from PC to PSP. Instead of trying to duplicate the PC shooter experience on a platform that just isn't up to the task, they could have expanded the tactical problem-solving element of the game. As it stands, the maps generally offer a couple of ways to solve a tactical problem, and if you're the sort that enjoys taking a moment to pause and explore these options, you'll appreciate that element of the game. Although the enemy soldiers tend toward the predictable, they'll will throw a surprise or two your way if you aren't able to pin them down by fire and maneuver. Do that, and you'll be right in there with the spirit of the game."

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