CSM: WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 Review


"Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 captures the energy and enthusiasm of a pro wrestling program with sharp, colorful visuals and authentic sounds. The game avoids the trap of endless button-mashing and uses a control system that feels rewarding. You'll use the right analog to grapple and perform powerful strikes and slams. The moves sometimes involve quickly pushing in a certain direction before your opponent counters. Conversely, you can counter your opponents to execute surprise attacks. Tag team matches are especially fun. When you throw opponents into your corner, you can move the analog stick to perform team strikes. The one drawback is that moves can be tough to pull off since they require lots of precision.

The game is incredibly deep, because of the myriad of game modes and creative options. Road to Wrestlemania is a clever take on the story mode, although you're very limited in the wrestlers you have to choose from. Players can also take their favorite moments and create a highlight reel to share with friends online. Overall, fans of the sport should be impressed by the robust package Smackdown vs. Raw offers."

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