OTG Review: Call of Duty: World at War 5/5

Only the Games writes: "Though we've jostled through the gloom of the Second World War all too often, Call of Duty: World at War has a vendetta to invigorate the hearts of the apathetic. Reverting back to the global turmoil of the harsh past, the fatigued backdrop has been met with increasing indifference – which doesn't come as much of a surprise. But a repeat of circumstance doesn't always indicate regression. And with roaring energy and thunderous rhythm, this vision has infused an old war with a new breath of life."

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Kriller3623d ago

Can't say I believe that Treyarch can make a good game. Guess I need to find out now.

JeanPool3623d ago

IW only, JeanPool thinks.

PrimordialSoupBase3623d ago

Play it before you make an assumption, this is a great game. Singleplayer only though, multiplayer isn't balances well.

TWIXMIX3623d ago

You're wrong Jeanpool, Treyarch can make a good game. It just doesn't happen too often.

Also, stop talking in the third person. It makes you sound retarded.

PrimordialSoupBase3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

More like it never happened until now.

JeanPool3623d ago

JeanPool doesn't like your tone, TWIXIE stick.

Kriller3623d ago

I guess spiderman 2 was pretty good. Not much else though

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JeanPool3623d ago

JeanPool thinks that this is a disgrace to Infinity Ward's legacy, Bleh!

Kriller3623d ago

Could be another disgrace, I know that the multiplayer is, at least.

kosha3622d ago

Your a disgrace to n4g jeanpool

Kriller3623d ago

5/5 might make sense, this a singleplayer only review.

TWIXMIX3623d ago

Well multiplayer is pretty much a reskinned COD4 with dogs so people should know what to expect.

Kriller3623d ago

Nah, it's just essentially not balanced properly.

cheese3623d ago

Singleplayer is indeed the most salient aspect of the game.

JeanPool3623d ago

No, all is terrible, JeanPool knows.

Michael Jackson3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Shut up JeanPoo. Haha Poo! :D

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SacT0wnF1n3st3623d ago

CoD 4 is still the best game of the series.

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The story is too old to be commented.