110° Killzone 2: Beta Impressions

The Killzone 2 multiplayer beta is here! Read on to find out more about the Clan System, Valor Points, and epic Warzone game modes.

Killzone 2's development team insists that their next-gen FPS is essentially two stand-alone games, maintaining that just as many long nights were put into perfecting the game's multiplayer experience as its single player campaign. Whether you and your buddies want to duke it out in an intimate match, or open the floodgates to a mammoth online bloodbath, the decision is left entirely up to you: Killzone 2 supports up to 32 players per match.

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Nineball21123657d ago

"Saboteur: The Saboteur class can mimic enemy players. You'll not only look like one of the players on the opposing team, but display the correct name. Once you've breached their perimeter, you can inflict damage in any number of ways."

Wow, I think this game might set a new threshold for FPS games.

Siesser3657d ago

It's ridiculously cool, but potentially overpowering. Especially when the people use it right. For example, I once had a sabeteur accompany myself and teammates to the drop zone before opening up fire on us. There's a perimeter around which the cloaking deactivates and you can see the enemy for what it is, if you get close enough. Scares the bajeesus out of you the first time you see it; especially when you weren't aware it was a feature of the game.

Lifendz3657d ago

I can't imagine how different that'll make the gameplay in multiplayer. Can't wait for this one. Undisputed graphics king. I hope Sony markets the bleep outta this.

mintaro3657d ago

If its a new threshold, then it will be becasue of Team Fortress 2.

legendkilla3657d ago

you must rank up pretty high to get that option to be the saboteur! i'm only on medic.. there hard to pick out but the players name changes color green or red

iggypop1233657d ago

TF2 spy it seems. i love the idea. that would get rid of campers!

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TheExecutive3657d ago

you call this an impressions article? There arent any impressions in it. Its stuff we already know mixed in with too many ads. This preview is a joke.

Fishy Fingers3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

For sure, a few paragraphs about options and clan support which has already been revealed as well as the information on the various classes. He doesn't say squat about how he actually felt about the game.

Sony need to give me a damn beta code so I can just try it myself.

NDA lifted today so better should follow.

TheExecutive3657d ago

yeah I am left out in the dark too. I WISH I had a beta code. EVERYONE that has played it likes it. They tend to like it to different degrees but they still like it.

The overall impressions from the beta remind me of the beta impressions from COD4.

INehalemEXI3657d ago

I too wish I could get in. I will settle for playing R2 till Febuary though.


This is only the beta Ladies and Gentlemen . I can't wait till everybody see's this game for themselves . You will be blown away , Not Just Graphics but The Game play is Rock Solid . I have spent 40 hours or more since getting the beta . I hope this beta last till they launch this game .I have bought resistance 2 , socom , and LBP whle those games are excellent . Killzone gets all the play time . Everyone on my friends list is jealous .

trancefreak3657d ago

come on sony dish out some more keys so i can play.

3657d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.