Atlus releases limited edition Persona 2: Eternal Punishment reprint

From the news story, "This is certainly unexpected - Atlus is rereleasing Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, the second Persona game released in the US. It isn't some huge remake project though. Instead, Atlus is issuing a reprint of the PlayStation game and selling it durectly through Amazon..."

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BlackIceJoe3681d ago

Well this is great news. I know I will have to pick this up seeing as I don't know were my old copy went. So sweet news.

Raoh3681d ago

nice, i picked up persona 2 FES which was my first time playing the series.. so i might check this out since i'm also picking up persona 4.

shame they didnt make a ps3 or psn version

ahnonamis3681d ago

If you managed to grab this before it ran out on Amazon, the press release Atlus sent out said it works on PS3, PS2, and PSX.

Raoh3680d ago

damn i missed out

sold out in under an hour??????????????