Left 4 Dead Death Toll Campaign Direct-Feed (Xbox 360)

"You've cycled through zombie infested streets, apartment buildings and subways for a while now. Check out the first 5 minutes of the next campaign Death Toll, in Valve's awesome zombie-fest shooter Left 4 Dead.

Left 4 Dead surfaces for the PC and Xbox 360 November 18th. Keep your first aid kits and pipe bombs handy, you're gonna need 'em."

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thor3657d ago

Graphics look piss-poor.

Gameplay looks generic.

Variety looks non-existent.

Animations look incredibly crude.

It looks like a mod of Half-life 2.

ActionBastard3657d ago

I felt the exact same way until I played the PC demo. Now I think this is more suitable:

Graphics are good.

Gameplay is generic.

Variety is non-existent.

Animations are crude and consist of around 3-4 varying types.

It plays like a mod of Half-life 2.

thor3657d ago

Oh yeah of course the PC version's graphics will look "good" - depending on your graphics card. Still won't be that great though. And this video is from the 360 version.

3657d ago
N4M3L3553657d ago

But I wouldn't dare pay over free.99 (seriously, maybe $25)

pavarotti3657d ago

aint there a negative 360 thread that needs patrolling(n4g normally caters quite adequately for your type), or a lbp thread or some blog saying how the ps3 will become president of the US, for you to linger in?

on topic: l4d, loved the demo, graphically nothing spectacular although it looked ok on my HD, but the game is a riot, and 4-player co-op is great one purchase.

ThanatosDMC3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

No no, dont judge the man. Play the game first then play Half Life 2 mods... say Zombie Master. Then you'll see why people could see the game as just a mod and not a full game worthy of $50-$60.

I wish it wasnt costly since they're using the same stuff. The gameplay is great since after all everybody loves zombie killing games. The tongue grabbing attack of the Smoker or whatever you call it is very angular.

The grainy effect isnt as great as how Killing Floor 2.0 or higher managed the effect. Killing Floor is a UT2004 mod, btw.

Also, i wish they had more zombies on screen. I thought it was going to be up to 40 at least. But most of the time you only fight 10-15. That's easily comparable to the zombie mod for Counter Strike: Source.

4 vs 15 zombies isnt that "survival" like... only when somebody gets grabbed by the tongue or the when the Brute guy comes is when people die. Btw, you have unlimited ammo on your pistols fast switch to a the auto shotty or normal shotty in dire situations only.

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butterfinger3657d ago

that it was supposed to be like a Zombie movie? Also, I guess you either haven't played the demo or have never seen 28 Days Later. It's cute when all the PSKids come in here going on about a game they can't play.

silvacrest3657d ago

anyone with a decent PC can play this

butterfinger3657d ago

Really? You wouldn't be able to tell that by the comments on this website./sarcasm Console gamers and PC gamers usually don't cross platforms (between PC and console), so when I say PSKid that is exactly who I am referring to.

omni_atlas3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Butterfinger, you're a moron. I already have this pre-ordered for my PC, and yes I've played the demo.

I'm stating the fact that the lines within L4D are akin to 28 days. If you weren't such a delirious idiot you'll also know in the movie a scene plays out where they go through a tunnel to reach the military.

Now go back to your hole.

butterfinger3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

So the main lines in 28 Days Later were "I'm reloading", they're were boomers, smokers,and witches every where, and zombie video games aren't allowed to take place in a subway ever. This game is so FAR from 28 Days Later it's not even funny, but since that seems to be the only zombie movie you've ever seen I guess you can't be blamed for your actions. I suggest not calling someone a moron and PMing them with the exact same thing you posted, telling them that you are ignoring them as well. "Oh noes, somebody didn't agree with me! I must ignorez them!" Who are you, George W. Bush? lol.

What does the line, "Now go back to your hole" mean anyway? Is that what you say when you hope the person you respond to hours later doesn't come back and pwn you?

butterfinger3656d ago

At what point did you reach the military after your short stint in the subway? I guess you're right, that was just like 28 Days Later. lmao.

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thor3657d ago

"Bububu Reistance 2 campaign sucks because it is generic!!1111 And this is great because it is generic AND is based upon the crappy source engine!!!111"

InMyOpinion3657d ago

Are you sad because Resistance 2 wasn't the killer app you thought it would be?

badkolo3657d ago

i dont know why you guys are hating, is it becuase its not on ps3, seriously, cause while i was watching that it looked fun as hell, graphics are not the greatest butt hat looks like some scary fun.

solar3657d ago

i always laugh at ppl who would rather have shiny graphics over great game play. fun > graphics. the demo is awesome. the fun factor is thru the roof. videos dont do the game justice. Expert mode and 3 other mates does.

dirtrider3657d ago

you will have a awesome time with this i have been. the game plays beautifully and the graphics are good too on a hd t.v. also id like to add this game runs fast and buttery smooth, even on the "demo". thor and the other mad ps3 fanboys are just that. R2 wasnt what it was suppose to be, and they say this game is generic- what the F does resistance do that is so damn innovative??? what i thought NOTHING. this game is all about fun, and it is single player and even better online with friends. DOWNLOAD DEMO NOW IF YOU HAVE LIVE AND A 360.

solar3657d ago

whenever i hear ppl say "R2 has blah blah blah" i go back to remember when i was playing 32 and 64 man battles in BF2 and the likes. been there, done that. next.

OldParr3657d ago

it looks fun;thats all that matters

dirtrider3657d ago

its fun- beyond fun. something obviously the ps3 fans on this site havent had with a ps3 game since they're always on here ruining this site- if they had so much fun to play then how do they find the time to ruin n4g 24/7

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