Latest Call of Duty is a tribute to the war dead

"[Call of Duty: World at War] has taken some heat in various online forums...for being released on November 11th-Remembrance Day in Canada, Veterans Day in the U.S. Some people think that the release of a game about the Second World War on a day that we are supposed to be remembering those who lost their lives on the front lines shows disrespect.

On the contrary, I think it's a fine way to remember what our soldiers have gone through. Obviously, speaking with a veteran would be a preferable means by which to learn about the horrors of battle. However, with so few vets remaining, a game that tries to recreate the experience might be the next best thing.

I know that Call of Duty: World at War has forced me to spend hours this week thinking about the brutality of war and the bravery of those who fought. What's more, it's made me all the more resolute in my determination to protest such conflicts in the future. To that end, I see Activision's game as being a tribute to the war dead."

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