World of Goo has 90% piracy rate

Joystiq received a tip pointing to the comments section of a recent RockPaperShotgun post, in which World of Goo designer Ron Carmel mentioned the game had a staggering 90% piracy rate. They contacted Carmel directly, who confirmed the figure was "about right."

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Smacktard3659d ago

That's goddamn atrocious. I'm more glad than ever now that I bought this game. Those who pirated and didn't end up buying it ought to be ashamed.

Swarm3659d ago


The game had a great indepth demo, wasn't that expensive, and was a indie title with great gameplay..... what the hell else do people want?!?!

y0haN3659d ago

They don't have souls, they are the leechers of the gaming world and I hope they all die.

Tony P3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

So goes the great experiment in ethics. Would you steal the game if there were no penalties and you couldn't get caught? A resounding affirmative.

"We’re going to experiment with no DRM for copies purchased from this site. There are many reasons for this, but we like to think people will be good, and we want to give the best user experience possible." -2D Boy

Sorry to disappoint you. :/

Anyway, I suppose we can look for DRM in 2D Boy's next release thanks to this situation.

zagibu3658d ago

Yeah, they might add DRM, and yeah, their piracy rate might go down. But their sales figure won't go up. Less pirates is not equivalent to more sales.

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Gun_Senshi3659d ago

Thats what you get for releasing on Wii :P

Wii-Key is cheap

chasuk083659d ago

To be honest i dont find it a laughing matter, games like this will soon be a thing of the past due to morons pirating them.

Gun_Senshi3659d ago

Maybe they should release it on stuff that actually sells games and has low piracy rate.

check below

ICUP3659d ago

Release it on PS3

problem solve.

chasuk083659d ago

True, and i would buy this game if it was on ps3.

Maxned3659d ago

Anyone who has played this game knows that it would not work with a joystick.

Smacktard3659d ago

PS3 fanboy alert. This game would not work with analog sticks. It's not precise or fast enough. You have to be seriously disillusioned to not know that.

ICUP3659d ago

PS3 support mouse and keyboard.

Cheeseknight283658d ago

I'm fairly sure developers are not allowed to make a PS3 game that can only use an addon.

That'd be like releasing Starcraft on the PS3, but you couldn't play it unless you doled out more cash for a mouse. I have a good feeling you have to have controller support.

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Yi-Long3659d ago

... Many people also download games they're vaguely interested in, just to take a quick glance if it's something they like, and when they don't, they download something else again.

Maybe bad marketing is the reason this game isnt selling as well as it should?

I'm not really keeping up with the DS/Wii software coming out (mainly because it's not much), but this is pretty much the first I heard about the game.

Cheeseknight283658d ago

How do you expect a team of 2 to market a game that much? I have seen ads for it on Gamespot, they probably couldn't afford much more.

Immortal Kaim3659d ago

Damn pirates ruining this amazing industry, and people wonder why companies are resorting to draconian DRM, here is your answer... such a shame.

Smacktard3659d ago

I have to wonder who the morons are that are disagreeing with every rational comment posted here.

Immortal Kaim3659d ago

Of course we know who these people are, ignorant fanboys with no idea of the implications piracy on this scale does to the industry. You people who a claiming the game should just have been made for the PS3 to combat piracy are kidding right... so your brilliant idea is to just stop making games for other systems....

Smacktard3658d ago

Especially since the version of this game that was pirated the most was the PC version. If there were a rational solution, it would've been just to not release it on the PC at all.

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