ZTGD Review: Gears of War 2

ZTGD: The wait is finally over; the sequel to one of the most successful Xbox 360 titles and winner of numerous Game of the year Awards has returned with 100% more badassery. Epic has taken everything that made the original game so good, injected it with 300 gallons of awesome-sauce and crafted one of the best games to be released this year, and even perhaps of all time.

+ One of the best looking games ever
+ Incredibly story
+ Voice acting is top notch
+ Multiplayer is the best Ive played in recent memory
- End boss fight disappoints
- At times, partner AI is annoyingly dumb

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ps360s3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )


I have the game and yes I knw it's the reviewers opinion but cons means it be more like a 9/10?
and not perfect?

Edit: all the belows...yeah it's pretty strange giving a perfect score when the cons don't add up...oh well whatever, love the Horde mode lol

kewlkat0073631d ago

Then again we all have opinions like reviewers.

For some reason might doesn't matter much, in the public's eye.

MURKERR3631d ago

those are some very big negatives which is why i dont understand the 10/10

im not saying gears isnt a 9+ game its just the negatives above wouldnt match the score...very strange

xxsnowmanxx3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Ya, but Killerwolverine is a ravid fan of gears thus the 10. He always rants about this game on the n4g podcast, so his score wouldn't suprise me.

ThanatosDMC3631d ago

Perfect game for me would be "Mr. Muray" if anybody remembers the game. It's from Famicom. Funny platformer game.

MNicholas3630d ago

It does not have the best graphics. Not even in the same league as MGS4, for example, or Uncharted. It's just another generic UE3 game without true full range dynamic lighting, limited color pallete, and all the other compromises cleverly hidden with busy textures and bump-mapping.

It does not have much depth to it's gameplay.

The online isn't smooth.

Some anti-climactic moments.

What's with the ridiculous scoring?

Mr_Bun3630d ago

"annoyingly dumb ai"...."end boss fight dissapoints"...what would the reviewer give the score if it didn't have these 2 negatives?

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Pennywise3631d ago

Come on....

Best looking game ever?? LOL. I guess this guy put down his Wii to review a "next-gen" game for the first time.

Top notch voice acting?? Ive heard the voice acting. I thought it was cheesy.

I am not bashing Gears... It is a good game. I am bashing this reviewer.

Cheeky Gamer3630d ago

You seem to have trouble reading. It says ONE of the best looking games ever, not THE best looking game ever. And if you've played the game, you'd conclude that Gears of War 2 most certainly is one of the best looking games ever.

Pennywise3630d ago

I have played it and I conclude it is an UE3 game and color me unimpressed.

Mr_Bun3630d ago

I have also played Gears 2 and while it is definitely entertaining, it is one of the "best looking" 360 games...He forgot to add "360".

Pennywise3630d ago

Oh dont get me wrong, I have already said... good game. But I own a PS3 and PS3 graphics on exclusives look better. Sorry

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ZeroTolerance3631d ago

That a ten is not a perfect score, that is why I purposely made the tag mean classic. Besides you gave Mass Effect a 10 and who would argue that had some faults? A ten does not mean the game is perfect, it simply means the game is a classic that will be remembered and talked about for years to come. I don't agree with his score, but that is why a review is still an opinion.

edhe3630d ago

To me a score like that means that it's achieved what it's set out to do. Gears is a testosterone fueled thunderously fun shooter with gleamingly amazing graphics showing fantastic art direction and has a vein of emotional storytelling through it which touched me somewhat (because i'm a real human wtih family and could imagine Dom's feelings). It's got great voice acting that gets it across and a wide suite of multiplayer options which appeals to a broad spectrum of player types - coop, pve, pvp & objective.

I'd give fable2 the same, it does what it wants, with style, same with crackdown, oblivion, gta, ut3, halo3, N+ et al.

It's games that achieve what they set out to do that should be awarded great scores, not ones that reach certain bulletpoints.

Technical issues can be fixed, new storyline or art direction can't.

360 man3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

first of all your an idiot

second of all u must have no friends that play online

thirdly the campaign is alot longer than the original so how you came to your conclusion is beyond me

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