Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Valkyria Chronicles

Before SEGA's 2009 train starts running, however, we have two remaining big-budget SEGA titles to run-out 2008; Valkyria Chronicles and Sonic Unleashed. Sonic Unleashed, as has now become the nature of SEGA's mascot, is a multi-format title, whereas Valkyria Chronicles is that most elusive of beasts: a third-party PLAYSTATION3 exclusive.

The game depicts a fantasy continent, known as Europa, with two warring factions – The Empire and The Federation - and your nation of Gallia stuck in the middle. However, conversely to recent game tradition with titles such as FallOut 3, Fracture and Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty, this vision is more comparable to Europe than the US. A breath of fresh air, to say the least...

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