Kikizo: Killzone 2 multiplayer hands-on

Kikizo takes the Killzone 2 multiplayer beta for an extensive test drive. Here are a couple of choice snippets:

"While no Aldrin-esque leap in FPS design, Killzone 2 is brim-full of neat little touches, like locker doors which flap outward to provide fleeting cover, or the way gunfire changes pitch as you near the end of a clip. To counter the inevitable spawn-campers, the game generates you afresh in different chambers around a spawn zone, rather than launching you into being at the same spot each time."

"The actual business of blasting the unwary off this mortal coil is, for want of a better word, delicious: if nothing else, Guerrilla has put together character models that are supremely satisfying to shoot at, much like Halo 3's glassy alien architecture. Soft, almost cushioned limbs puff a haze of arterial spray as you unleash hell from a distance; close up, your muzzle flash throws them into stark relief."

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TheExecutive3658d ago

Man I cant wait to get my hands on this puppy!

Mc1873658d ago

I expect nothing less from this title.
One of my good friends is in the multiplayer beta and loves it.

TheExecutive3658d ago

I havent seen ANYONE on any board say they just dont like the MP. Some have some gripes but overall they are little quibles. This game is going to OWN when it gets released.

dirigiblebill3658d ago

Great game, thus far. I'll tell you one thing though, it can be pretty brutal.