Gears of War Crimson Omen Appears Over Saturn!

"Scientists are stumped about a mysterious aura appearing over Saturn, but obviously none of the people working on indentifying it are playing any Gears of War 2."

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Mr PS33681d ago

The RRoD
Saturn is infected with Xbox's
Saturn is Gonna Explode

P3681d ago

That looks like the RROD to me


maybe epic should spend less on advertising on saturn and more on fixing their multiplayer


MURKERR3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

know how to advertise really well cant help but be impressed with their advertising department but even they couldnt advertise in space....could they?

Sitdown3681d ago

based on your target audience........exactly who would they be going after with this?

Yipee Bog3681d ago

I play online? I waited in a matchmaking lobby for like 5 minutes!! Is there no multiplayer, do you have to pay extra for it? I haven't seen 1 single second of online multiplayer from Gears 2. Really this is what I bought the game for, you would think a game so important to Microsoft would be golden out of the gates. EPIC fail. None of my friends can get online either. If anyone has a suggestion PM me plz, otherwise the game is getting traded to gamestop

Draperc3681d ago

Uh, that does not look like the crimson omen at all, not to me at least, no matter which way I tilt my head. still cool though.

Nuclearwinter3681d ago

I've Got to agree with you there, I don't see it either.

BigKev453681d ago

MS got money like that, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.