This isn't the year of the PS3 takes stock, surveys the landscape, collects all of the ridiculousness that occurred after Blu-Ray won the format war, and finds that the PS3 is still on the bottom.

It is not the PS3's year.

From the article: "Hype, hype, hype. Oh how I hate to get caught up in your backwash. Earlier this year, pseudo-journalists around the Internets were proclaiming that "This was the year of the PS3." They attempted to buoy their opinions on the backs of LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, Blu-Ray winning a "war" and the perceived waning of popularity of the Wii and Xbox 360.

Yeah, well, they were all kinds of wrong, cuz the PS3 crapped the bed and hasn't done jack to step up it's game.

There, I said it. "

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Mr PS33685d ago

Hey i can be Sarcastic too

chaosatom3685d ago

And Microsoft won't even see it coming.

jadenkorri3685d ago

sony will not sweep MS under the rug....because Nintendo already has...

theKiller3685d ago

and if they kept their game release schedules unchanged but things did change and sony at the very least didnt hand out 2008 to 360, they were outselling them everywhere for 90% of the year! but there should be a price cut if they need to make a huge difference, they r waiting for all their 2008 and early 2009 exclusives to be out before they make a price cut, it makes since to me! sony price cuts r more important than 360 one's!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3685d ago

The PS3 is last, been last for two years, even after all of you said it would dominate. The Wii and 360's lead is still growing over the PS3. So... when is it going to happen? You Droids been talking out of your asses for a long time, but you still have a bronze medal around your necks. You Droids keep saying "this game, and that game, plus Blu-ray will kick everyones asses" but nothing changes. Judgment day anyone?

console sales
1. Wii
2. 360
3. PS3

game sales
1. 360
2. Wii
3. PS3

How is that ^^^ winning the console war? PS3 = PS3rd

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3685d ago

There, I said it ;-D

It's been a BORING xBox 360 year!!! ;-D

SpecialSauce3685d ago

ps3 beating xbox in sales all around the world and it's more expensive. get better info next time

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green3685d ago

This will not end well.

MURKERR3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

and bluray has seen an adoption quicker than dvd did at this stage im confused?

you cant disagree with hardcore facts google it if you must

green3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I don't know if you remember GDC this year and all the articles that came out about PS3 surpassing the 360 install base by the end of 08 or early 09 due to the victory of blu-ray. . Just google "2008 the year of the ps3" and see how many articles will turn up dating back to febuary.

Home,killzone 2,8 days,the getaway,motorstorm 2,Haze,LBP,MGS4,FF13 and versus 13,GT5 and Socom confrontation would put an end to the dominance of the 360.Also don't forget GTA4 which was supposed to bring a huge influx of ps2 gamers to purchase a PS3.Yet most of those titles didn't see a release this year,some got cancelled,those that got released did not sell or push the hardware sales of the ps3 as expected.Haze and socom have even been the most critically panned big exclusives of the year, scoring lower than too human.

And lets not forget how LBP was supposed to embarass xbox live

Lets face facts.the ps3 has done well but not as well as projected and the 360 has done better than expected.

falviousuk3685d ago

@1.1 and yet there are still 2 months left to this year, including the all important christmas buying spree.
Why not wait till january to see the figures and then start shouting . ranting about who sold more consoles in 2008

UnwanteDreamz3685d ago

Let me just say this because I think it is pure truth. 2008 was the year of the multiplatform gamer. No one has had more fun in 2008.

MURKERR3685d ago

my comment was to purely show how ridiculous and flamebait this article is ...ok

ape0073685d ago

is he smoking too much crack

lbp and R2,is he blind?

2009 look more promising than 2008

cause every game will be made on ps3 first,very interesting

INehalemEXI3685d ago

MGS4/MGO alone made it the year of the PS3 IMO. Despite what people who don't play LBP or R2 think about those games. They are GOTY potential. The PS3 has been selling mighty well with out a price drop too. Honestly its going to come down to how Home gets handled this month if its delayed again sure its not PS3's year. When KZ2 was pushed into 09 and WKC only coming to japan this year its kind of a damper on PS3's 08 year I admit.

Aquanox3685d ago

Maybe the PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 YTD, which doesn't mean it has outsold it in the second Half or if it will sell more by the end of the year.

From September to December, Xbox 360 has been poised to perform splendidly, and it's doing it. The new wave of bans will also help pushing more console (like it or not)

Said this, this is far to be the Year of the PS3. If anything, 2008H1 has the "Half Year" of the PS3, but ending last, by a considerable margin isn't precisely a good indication for Sony.

As the article says, better luck next year? Probably, Microsoft won't drop the Xbox price any further in the foreseeable future and Sony has quite a bunch of big hitters for 2009 (GT5, God of War 3, FFXIII in Japan) and a price cut will be unavoidable. That is 2009 though.

SL1M DADDY3685d ago

Sorry, but these guys as well as Uncle Gamer Radio get my vote for some of the biggest Xbox 360 fanboys around.

Danja3685d ago

LBP/R2/MGS4/M2 says other wise ...

but then no-one needs to defend the PS3 anymore it has blossomed and is just huitting it's stride ,and it was the Year of the PS3 software wise....and next year is looking even better..

thor3685d ago

Wipeout HD... and the console war is over XD

No seriously I would have bought a PS3 just for that game (Wipeout fanboy here).

LBP - better than any game on 360 this year

MGS4 - I don't think it was the best MGS but it's still a great game

PixelJunk Monsters/Eden

Warhawk Expansions

Resistance 2

Valkyria Chronicles increased the number of AAA RPGs on the PS3 by infinity percent (lol).

Fantastic updates to firmware

Blu-ray won the format war (BIG BIG CHANGE HERE, MASSIVE WIN - imagine if it had lost!)

--Onilink--3685d ago

well most of you people are confusing the fact that games like R2, LBP and MGS4 are great games, to the fact that those games and Blu-ray victory still havent made the impact that they should on PS3 numbers. Just because PS3 outsells 360 by a small margin doesnt mean its the "year of the ps3", specially since the 360 is complete crap in Japan, so its an obligation for Sony to do it, and the fact that they can barely do it in certain months says a lot. If you truly want to say that any year is the year is the "year of the ps3" then show me wii-like sales on software and hardware, because otherwise there really isnt much of a difference beetwen PS3 and 360. And quite frankly i dont care about the numbers i just want good games, but thats what people are specting when making those kind of claims... the numbers to prove your point

Liquid Dust3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

So glad to see another WipEout fanboy around here. Huge reason to own a PS3.

There are just so many great things going on with the PS3 right now.

What can any other fanboys say to make me feel that my decision to get a PS3 was unjustified?

I have my hands full, Bioshock/LBP/R2 and eventually Valkyria Chronicles, next year comes out blasting with Killzone, WKC, a sling of multiplatform titles, couldnt be happier with my system

and 2009 is going to rock hardcore.

Year of the PS3? Year of the Xbox360? Quit caring so much, get off the internet, and go play some awesome holiday releases for either system you own.

thor3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I am talking about the great games that I have enjoyed/will enjoy on my PS3 this year. As well as the great new features and upcoming blu-ray films that I will be able to enjoy on my PS3 thanks to the format war victory.

Who gives a flying f*ck how much it sells, really? As long as there are people playing the games I love online, and the PS3 continues to be supported, I don't care.

For me, this has been the year of the PS3.

jadenkorri3685d ago

completly ignore the fact that ps3 outsold the 360, being almost double the price...wait that one month puts the 360 on top in japan, wait that month is not Gears of War 2 and Fable 2 release...hold on a sec, ps3 is still outselling wtf, despite 360 grand software selection and what else...ummm nothing more than that....wait Wii outselling both, yes that is about the only accurate information you stated.... I love people who state facts that were back in March...did any of you click on that... that made this f'in epic....Sarcastic game (AKA MS 360fanboy) states fact thats months old...go find some accurate UPTODATE information...

gw4k3685d ago

The Xbox 360 has actually been outselling the PS3 two to one.

Google your facts before you do some posting!

2009 will be the year of the Playstation. I certainly believe it to be true.

Lex Luthor3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Yeah green, i remember those articles. Back in early 2008 when sony fanboys said this was the year of ps3 and xbox 360 would get destroyed. Ahh memories...

I also remember that article about Lbp embarassing live. Lol, the only online service lbp was embarassing was psn. I also remember when MGs4 was supposose to end the 360, when in only 2 days GoW2 has over half of Mgs4's total worldwide sales. It has also outsold R2 and LBP altogether.

It just made me realise how much crap sony fanboys spew, i think they show just stfu from now on.

Those were the days.

Bubbles green.

littletad3685d ago

Ruined the launch of LittleBigplanet. Sure it was the right thing to do, but it should of been done by other means. Either by including a mandatory software update or something. It would of removed the problem quietly and anomalously. And love it or hate it, Resistance 2 does have a somewhat flawed campaign. Linear encounters with the enemy is such a no-no for fps. Bioshock taught us how to do it. Graphics are amazing and so is the multiplayer. But like I said, quantity doesn't equal quality.

CrazzyMan3685d ago

Probably GAMER.
And gamers are buying PS3 and PS3 games.

jadenkorri3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

You really should take your own advice...since when did 360 outsell ps3 2-1
heres some stats from a website
Xbox 360

heres the website

so GW4T if you like trolling so much and feeding false info around
theres a job waiting for you in MS.

EDIT: so bigman7387
your gonna argue vggartz makes up numbers or something, i can dig that...ill go look else were gimmie a cpl mins...
well i was going to add up every month but at work adn don't have the time....but you can clearly see from NPD monthly stats for ps3 compared to 360 up until september, ps3 clearly outsells... That one month will not make up the difference. and october onsy took it back.. i don't need to prove you wrong, google or show me otherwise...

kunit22c3685d ago

so it SEEMS blue ray is taking off but yet no one is talking about blu ray BESIDES ps3 owners, i mean i hear alot about HD but not bluy ray... hmm.. and even if it did take off, it wouldnt last long considering there is HD that is better than blue ray and cheaper, and with the upcoming depression i think people will be going for cheaper... and even if the ps3 did beat the 360 in overall sales it didnt beat wii at all so it still wouldnt be the ps3's year it would be the Wii's year (especialy with all these holiday releases) so yeah this article isnt just flame bait.. also if blue ray does take off faster than dvd its because dvd was a NEW thing and people were sceptical because it was completely different from a tape, but because blue ray is also a Disc they thought it was the same just better (even though its not and it is not the future) especialy considering the future has a depression in it I highly doubt that.. also the dprssion is another reason that the ps3 needs a price drop i mean the ps3 is already doing pretty bad in sales and when the depression hits WOW that would hit sony so hard. ps3 NEEDS a price drop!

prowiew3684d ago

I don't know and I don't care who is winning the console war in 08. Well, I know wii is winning it. But with ps3 and 360, can anybody can count the most selling games in 08 worldwide?. Thats the key. microsoft and sony probably are losing money on every console they sell. The system that sells more games is the winner. At least for the company. Thats where they make more money. And thats what 3rd parties look for their games. If you ask me, I think the 360 dominates in this department, but im not sure. If someone can get those facts would be great, but without the wii numbers.

kunit22c3684d ago

everyone giving me disagrees actually tell me what im wrong about instead of just disagreeing. Unless your an ignorant fanboy that cant give me a reason and cant prove me wrong.

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fjburgos3685d ago

Damm how many negative articles about the ps3 this gamming site put. Just give us info about game we don't care about you hate.

ChickeyCantor3685d ago

O please, the "negative news" is going in every section.

littletad3685d ago

It's no different than another damn rrod article.

InMyOpinion3685d ago

It just hurts a little more when it's about the PS3.

sretlaw3685d ago

LOL it's way different than the RROD articles. RROD is a phenomenon, it should have destroyed the 360's chances of surviving in the console war, but it's M$$$$$ we're talking about. This article is just biased opinion, while RROD is HARDWARE FAILURE, which should have just eliminated the 360 as a console competitor. So the 360's success is based on loyal supporters (some of which bought the console more than once, or twice). Of course, no loyal fan base is bigger than Sony's, but that's because Sony has proven themselves, while M$ has proven what?...that they can jump on or buy whatever bandwagon they think will make them money like they've done with all of their products? Don't compare this opinionated article to articles against Microsoft for their RRoD.

littletad3685d ago

"that they can jump on or buy whatever bandwagon they think will make them money like they've done with all of their products"

Ahhh man grow up, seriously. If you think Sony "didn't" pay for their own exclusives during the ps2 era, you'd best need a lecture. Remember the DRE problem Sony had? Well guess what I myself went through sending my ps2 3 times. So how did Sony go about managing this? They didn't, until they were sued. So don't think Sony is all angelic under shady business practices. Everyone is out to get profit and make money, Microsoft believe it or not doesn't buy everything under the sun as you might believe. And because you probably believe that, it shows your own intelligence. The reason why I bought up the rrod similarity is because not all rrod articles are in fact real articles about the problem. Alot of them are just meant to diss the 360, in fact several have already been caught. Seriously, wise up.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3685d ago

lol, it's true through most PlayStation 3 articles are opinions stated as facts. I can a list of facts about the PlayStation 3 that is clearly better than the XBOX 360 but most people would ignore it because of preference.

With Microsoft and money I think the comment is more due to the fact that Microsoft is able to spend money to secretly put in HDMI ports on the XBOX 360s after the release of the PlayStation 3. Is this ever blown out of proportions? Technically speaking Microsoft's console can't produce 1080p retail video games since hardware wasn't designed for it because if it could it would have been there from day one. With Micrsoft's business decisions they shold have been out of the game from the first XBOX but Bill Gates is made of money.

There are reasons why Vipers cost more than H2 Hummers even though they do the exact same thing.

Dareaver13685d ago

through vga and component, at that.

The problem is, is that because of hollywood, they made it so that the tv's could only detect 1080p through a digital signal and not an analog.

Come on, you are going to talk about facts, but yet you spew misinformation. The 360 could produce 1080p from day one. HDMI is not needed to produce 1080p, that is a fact. They put HDMI in to cater to the hollywood mandates. What MS underestimated was the politics of electronic regulations.

Why not then address that on day one, the ps3 was incompatible with many tv's and could not even do 1080i. It would knock resolution down to 480p. Not only that, it didn't even come with a HDMI cable to appreciate it's HD capabilities. Wouldn't you say that is unfair to the consumer. You advertise HD out of the box, but if you were to take everything it came with, you wouldn't be able to experience HD gaming or movie playback until you went out and bought the appropriate cables.

Seriously, how fair is that to the consumer? Be reminded, i'm talking about day one.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

1080i is not full High Definition (HD) 1080p is, interlace is old technology. Microsoft can only support 1080p downloads but not 1080p retail games. Tell me why some first party games don't even run at 720p? With the PlayStation 3 comment Ridge Racer 7 supports 1080p at 60fps at launch. With the XBOX 360 most of the titles were running at 600p to even look good. Sony's NBA Franchise is the only basketball game that runs at 1080p.

Remember Wardevil: Unleash the Best Within that is suppose to have 1080p at 60 fps now it's only a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is running at 1080p at 60fps, and Wipeout HD (downloadable game) runs at 1080p at 60fps making it the best looking downloadable game on the market. Even Ninja Gaiden for the PlayStation 3 runs at a higher resolution than the sequel on the XBOX 360. Most PlayStation 3 exclusives will be 720p but the really amazing games will be 1080p. With the cables it's like that with TV, Satellites, etc you have to go out and buy the needed requirements to get the best out of it.

Example: When you buy an HD PVR it doesn't come with the cables it's compatible with. You'll have to go out and buy HDMI cables, go figure..

So once you've answered my question I'll shut up about the no 1080p at 60fps retail for the XBOX 360. Anyone can add 1080p support to online titles as long as there is enough space. Even the main menu on the XBOX 360 wasn't even HD it looked the same on SDTVs but the PlayStation 3's menu screen changes. Lol, the PlayStation 3 couldn't even run 1080p content on TVs is funny because you say I have inaccurate information.

Microsoft Adds 1080p Support With Xbox Update:

PS3 has more truth in advertising native 1080p than Xbox 360 :

Xbox 360's New 1080p Support: Crippled? ***UPDATED*** :

Dareaver13682d ago

I said the 360 was able to produce 1080p on day one. That is a fact. With all your checking, why don't you look up 1080p over component. It can be done, and 1080p over vga; guess what, it can be done. That answered and rebutted your claims.

Then you go and add 1080p at "60fps". Where was that in the disagreement i had with you. When Ridge Racer came out initially on 360, 1080p tv's weren't even prevalent. Why go this low and try to change up the argument. The link you placed even says that there were a limited number of TV's that would accept 1080p over component and vga. Come on now, that supports my argument. As i said, because of hollywood politics electronics manufactures mandated that 1080p only be done over a digital signal. Don't you know the politics of electronics. They then encoded it, with HDCP / AACS,so that if the tv's don't detect a digital signal, it wouldn't work.

Your argument is really biased against 360, and it's mostly untrue. Your links do not help you at all. The update was for hdmi, the 360 was still able to produce 1080p on day one. That is the end of my argument.

And guess what, the 1080p is the ps3's claim to fame. The 360 never advertised that it was a must for true HD. That was Sony's big claim. And it doesn't help you or them that the ps3's even 1st party games aren't all 1080p with 60fps. I mean, the big, powerful, and all mighty ps3, still isn't producing only 1080p at 60fps NATIVE games. Wow, what a let down. just like BC.....

"HDMI is basically yet another wire that connects a console and the TV, but what makes it special is the signal it sends (both audio and video) is completely digital. Consequently, it is able to support HDCP / AACS, a new copy-protection technology that will some day be required for playback of Blu-ray/HD-DVD at full resolution, if Image Constraint Token (ICT) is ever implemented by the Hollywood studios.

The other connections capable of carrying an HD signal (and the only ones currently supported by the Xbox 360) are Component and VGA. Both are analog connections, which means that they can't support HDCP / AACS. They are also subject to interference if the cables run too close to masses of power lines. The really big problem with Xbox 360's lack of HDMI support, however, is the that only a limited number of 1080p-capable HDTVs can accept the signal via analog inputs."

^^ that's an excerpt from one of your links.... We the logically minded people call self pwnage.

p.s. you want to talk about subpar resolution. Let's just not, some games come to mind, ummmm... GTA4 and Soul Caliber, just to name a couple. come on, stop with the nonsense. It's almost as bad as the hysteria behind PSN only has dedicated servers....LOL

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P3685d ago

Don't you just love it when Websites need to show their true fanboy colors in order to get hits

solidjun53685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

sarcastic gamer just went all out I guess. Meh, I was watching the Sessler Sandbox this morning and I know what he really means now.

JSA-Gamer3685d ago

there was a ton of press about how this year was going to be THE YEAR for the PS3. It just hasn't turned out that way. I think it's a legit editorial on the state of the PS3.

InMyOpinion3685d ago

I thought last year was the year of the PS3?