What I Hate About MMORPGs

Jimmy the Greek writes, "in view of the WOW expansion The Wrath of the Lich King, I feel it is my duty to blow hate all over MMORPGs like a zit on a mirror, or load on a porn star's face..."

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JimmyJames703687d ago

Judging by the blurb, looks like we're ready for family reading time!

bgrundman3687d ago

He definitely knows how to make me feel all warm and squishy inside!

Jimmy the Greek3687d ago

im rated r, and sometimes nc-17. then there are the times im rated xxx.

StephanieBBB3686d ago

"I feel it is my duty to blow hate all over MMORPGs like a zit on a mirror, or load on a porn star's face..."

How does a zit hate on a mirror? And how does a load hate on a porn star's face?

It would make more sense if he said "I feel it is my duty to blow hate all over MMORPGs like 360 fanboys does on PS3 fanboys, or Hiphopgamer does on R2 reviewers..."

I just stoped reading there because this was very stupid and poorly writen imo.

bgrundman3687d ago

WoW is one of those habits that scares me away from even starting them. I think I will just wait for the Star Wars MMO

Jimmy the Greek3687d ago

mmos are a dangerous beast. very addictive

hay3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

It all depends. I play MMO working, having a life, reading, watching TV, having friends etc.
You can play maintaining your life. It's similar to drinking alcohol or smoking weed. If you do it wisely, it won't change you.

BTW, author writes "MMOs" but mentions only WoW which makes some points totally invalid.

killyourfm3687d ago

Holy freaking crap, the estimate that they've made around 4 BILLION in subscription fees...that just blows my mind.

bgrundman3687d ago

Blizzard makes more then the GDP of many countries!

P3687d ago

I hate the fact that Activision are taking their sweet time to reveal the Ps3 MMO they've been working on with Blizzard

bgrundman3687d ago

Agreed, about damn time they announced something!

moe843687d ago

Sounds like this guy was addicted at some point to WoW, or another MMO. Ending up in loosing something very special to him. Mostly because he was a tool. And judging from his article... he still is!

People can spew their hatred toward games all they want. MMOs aren't going anywhere but up. They'll be around for years to come.

What I want to know, if he's having sex with his wife... but chooses to waste time on a topic that obviously means nothing to him. Is the sex with her all that great? She's bored and cheating me thinks....

...HOLY CRAP!! I got it. His wife plays MMOs. That's where his hate is coming from. So when she is having sex with him.. is it him in her mind. Or that little Gnome. I bet she would pay for him to have plastic surgery and get elf shaped ears.

Jimmy the Greek3687d ago

i dont play mmos and neither does the missus. we have dressed up like elves, gnomes, trolls, superman/lois lane, the likes for purposes of sex.

moe843686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Hmm.. so what can be considered more dangerous? Role playing in a game as beefed up, muscle-bound man built like a brick sh!t house? Or doing so in real life risking an aneurysm, hernia or worse?

Jimmy the Greek3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

im gonna go out on a limb and suggest youre a virgin. the answer to that question is pretty clear if you werent.

sex, or video games... hmm i cant make up my mind... id rather have sex of course

moe843686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Sex or video games wasn't the question.
Here let me re-word it for you.

Which is more dangerous? Role playing in a game, as a super strong person. Or doing so in real life, doing something you may not be fit to do, risking injury. The sex part really had nothing to do with it. More of, what you are doing while role playing.*Which wasn't really directed to you. More directed to the general thought of the RP lifestyle*

You have about as much backing behind thinking I'm a virgin. As I do thinking you're really not married... Not that it matters either way.

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