Tom's Games: Curt Schilling on Blizzard, WoW and More

Tom's Games: "During BlizzCon 2008 last month, Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling was in attendance, along with several members of his game company 38 Studios. The company had just announced its acquisition of Azeroth Advisor, an online, personalized newsletter for World of WarCraft players created by Mentor Media.

While 38 Studios is hard at work on its own MMO, codenamed "Copernicus," the company bought Azeroth Advisor because Schilling and others felt that a newsletter that speak to players' specific characters would be a valuable asset for both Copernicus as well as other MMOs.

Schilling, an avid gamer and MMO fan, founded the development house in 2006 with the intent to create a new kind of fantasy MMO experience. To that end, Schilling hired Brett Close, a former executive at Electronic Arts and Midway, as CEO and also lured in comic book icon Todd McFarlane and bestselling fantasy author R.A. Salvatore as the creative leaders of 38 Studios. The company has also brought in a number of veteran MMO developers, including Travis McGeathy, former lead designer of EverQuest, and Irena Pereira, former user-interface designer at Blizzard for World of WarCraft.

Schilling spoke with Tom's Games recently and discussed Azeroth Advisor, his admiration for World of WarCraft, and working - and potentially competing with - Blizzard. He also talked about the challenges of developing Copernicus, the evolving MMO market, and what lies ahead for 38 Studios."

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