German Sales Data: Media Control software sales for 3/11 – 9/11

1. [NEW] Little Big Planet (PS3)
2. Wii Fit (Wii)
3. Mario Kart Wii (Wii)
4. [NEW] WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 (PS2)
5. Far Cry 2 (PS3)
6. [NEW] WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 (PS3)
7. FIFA 09 (PS2)
8. [NEW] Fallout 3 (PS3)
9. Mario Kart DS (NDS)
10. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (PS2)

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xaphanze3656d ago

PS3 seems to be doing good around there. Not a single 360 title in the top 10 :O

Cwalat3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Yeah, im shocked at how well LBP has been doing...
Considering the messed up confusion around the release... This is a huge success...

Props to german gamers for not being aswipes as americans...

Spiele an meine Freunden!

wow, looking at this... LBP was officially only out in 2 days... HOLY FU**!!!

Bnet3433656d ago

That's because Germany bans every Xbox 360 since it's so violent. Gears of War Dead Rising and Call of Duty are banned in Germany.

ThanatosDMC3656d ago

That sucks Kigmal, they're missing out on Dead Rising. I wonder if they'll ban the Wii version... probably.

Dark_Vendetta3656d ago

I'm from Germany and I'm owning a 360, but Germany is definitively a Sony land. I don't know how many of my friends still own a ps2 and don't even think about the 360 (even though the price is at 170€, which is ridiculous cheap for a HD console), the Ps3 is the only possible console to own. Also Sony put a good amount of money into LittleBigPlanet ads in Germany.
Still agree with the stupid censoring stuff (CoD was not banned, but only released as a cut version). I bet 95% of german gamers did never hear anything about Gears of War(2).
All in all the first place for LBP is well deserved

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P3656d ago

I heard Germany banned Gears of war 2 cause they learned how much it sucked compared to Gears of war 1

XT-10003656d ago

It's banned because it's a mindless shooter that gloryfies violence. Dead Space for example isn't banned and is even uncut. So if a game has a good story and the violence fits to the story and setting, then the games doesn't get banned.

Aquanox3656d ago

You guys clearly haven't played let alone beaten Gears of War 2. Good to see LBP finally got #1 spot in one territory, but it sounds quite unfair without the biggest blockbuster of the year.

tda-danny3656d ago

I've played and beaten Gears2, and let me tell ya that it is quite average.

LBP is a better game overall, imo

P3656d ago

Looks like Germany has no interest in the American product

doctorstrange3656d ago

lbp sales prove that germans have common-sense

Sharpshell3656d ago

any one had ever accused the Germans of not being sensible...however I'm surprised they enjoy LBP becasue they are known for having no sense of humor. I kid I kid, but really

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