AceGamez Review - Blitz: The League II

AceGamez: "It's safe to say that sometimes us gamers get raw treatment from the media. As I write this, the whole videogame violence row has erupted once again, with Grand Theft Auto IV fast becoming the industry's easy target.

You may be wondering where Blitz: The League II features in this debate. Well, Blitz is an extremely violent game with a penchant for graphic representations of broken bones and ruptured body parts; it is truly gruesome and not for the fainthearted. It's also a game that is not exactly politically correct either. GTA is singled out as being a game that depicts the degradation of women but Blitz loves nothing better than parading a bunch of cheerleaders at every break in play, only to equip them with clothing that just about covers the bare necessities. Or, how about scoring a touchdown then bending a cheerleader over and slapping her on the backside while she giggles like a girl from the Playboy mansion? I have neglected to mention the drug taking, or 'juicing' of players too, as it is subtly called, which caused some controversy when the first Blitz title was released in 2005. My question is this: why doesn't a game such as Blitz get the same witch-hunt treatment and press exposure as GTA? Perhaps Midway should push the boundaries a little further, although it's hard to see how they could!"

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