PS3 Attitude's Brodiesan writes:

"Our good friends over at ThreeSpeech have posted a very early look at the game in the form of a Media Molecule prototype. The genesis of the genius is there; the platforming elements, some deft physics in motion but it's just amazing to see how far they've come."

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toxic273687d ago

its been on YouTube for a LONG time, like before they even announced the game..

Proxy3687d ago

They sure improved since then.

(JK about the beta.)

Fishy Fingers3687d ago

LOL... I guess everything has to start somewhere. Once even Gorden Freeman what nothing more than one of Gabes meat carvings. Thank god that one didnt end up poo like the rest (see what I did there).

Counter_ACT3687d ago

Enough "littlebig" jokes now, please. Getting old.

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