AceGamez Review - Star Ocean: First Departure

AceGamez: "If you judge your RPGs by how epic the story is then First Departure will surpass your expectations. You play Roddick, the leader of the group that defends his small village, a boy who is always bored of having none of the real action. Of course, this boredom is soon relieved when Roddick and his friends encounter Ilia and Ronyx, humans from the much-advanced world that Earth has become. It doesn't take long before Roddick is forced to leave his home planet and must attempt to foil an evil force that is hell bent on driving it into the ground. Things get epic very quickly and what follows is a dated but still very interesting story that embraces the clichés found in most space sagas, although at the time they probably weren't quite such well-established clichés. The characters are what really stand out though, as not only are they fleshed out during the adventure but their stories intertwine in surprising and unexpected ways. It may be over a decade old, but First Departure's story will keep you going until the end, all you can really ask of an RPG plot."

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