Resi 5 demo announcement soon? - But game may not require PS3 install

Eurogamer writes: "Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi has hinted that a playable demo of Capcom's upcoming survival horror game will be announced soon.

"We'll be making an announcement about that relatively soon," he told Eurogamer, in comments relayed by this morning's Resident Evil 5 hands-on preview. Downloadable content is also "possible", he said."

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GrieverSoul3623d ago

I rather install a game to the PS3/X360 hard drive to decrease load times! If its optional that its even better for those who dont like it or are running out of space.

This news also hints for Resi5 DLC! With the game release so far ahead, it makes you wonder how much is being cut off in order to justify the DLC! I wish that developers talk about DLC when the game actually came out! That way they are expandig the experience and not hampering it in order to grab a few more bucks!

/crossing fingers for Capcom not to do a stunt like Megaman DLC/