Play Review - Alone in the Dark: Inferno

Play-mag: "Ah no, no it's not. But that's because when everyone who reviewed the PS2 version complained about pretty much the whole game, Eden Games listened to what everyone was whining about and actually fixed bits of it. And by God it makes a lot of difference.

The biggest change has to be the camera control. Before you could only look slightly left or right, so you couldn't see everything you wanted without going into first-person mode and spinning around. Now you can spin the camera around instead and, thankfully, it makes Alone In The Dark play like every other game rather than it trying to be different but stupid.

In more subtle areas there have also been changes made. Carnby reacts a lot quicker now, where before he'd like to wait a brief moment between you pressing a button and him reacting. This makes going to the inventory a lot less annoying; it's still located in Edward's coat, but you can whizz through the items a lot more quickly, so combining items like petrol and bullets to make fire bullets a lot less of a chore."

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