Play Review - Guitar Hero: World Tour

Play-mag: "
Let's open this set with the one that everyone wants to hear: is Guitar Hero World Tour better than Rock Band? Yes, it is. It's cheaper too. At least the RRP is lower, anyway – don't be surprised if Rock Band drops in price to compete some time soon. But yes, it is better. The difference isn't huge though and, depending on your taste in tunes, you might still be better off with Rock Band. We're not about to tell you which game has the best track list, that's for you to decide, but we can tell you why World Tour is just… but only just… a better package.

As we predicted back in issue 167, the drums are better, although perhaps not by as clear a margin as we'd hoped. For example, it's great that the kit has separate cymbals and drums, but not so great that the cymbals are just as thick and stiff as the drums. Similarly, it's great that the drum pads are a little softer than those on the Rock Band kit, but this doesn't actually make them that much quieter. It's a loud thud rather than a loud smack, which is preferable, but still annoying and quite intrusive. Of course, there is one foolproof solution if your drums are drowning out your band – make the band one louder."

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