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Chris Selogy of Gamer 2.0 writes:

"Guerilla Games received a bit of a present from Sony this holiday with the further delay into early 2009 for its highly-anticipated first-person shooter, a little something called Killzone 2. Because Sony wanted Resistance 2 to shine in the spotlight this fall, Guerilla was given a chance to further polish their game for its early 2009 release. We recently got a chance to see how that polish is coming along for the multiplayer portion of the game with impressions from the newest phase of the closed beta for Killzone 2."

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C_SoL3682d ago

and yes I am in the beta.

Limited Edition FTW.

remanutd553682d ago

yeap i totally agree, it feels like you are in a real battle , gotta a question for you , how do you use the health pack? in medic class

AnthonyPerez3682d ago

The badges system sounds like a very interesting take on the classes, particularly the ability to mix and match two classes.

techwizz3682d ago

I'm actually really pumped for this game now. The modes, class system and all sounds great. I would like to know how the lag is on the huge 64 player matches, but considering they didn't mention it, I assume it plays without a hitch.

C_SoL3682d ago

From what I've played so far there's no lag with the exception of people having bad connections.

Fishy Fingers3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Yes 32 player maximum. Also I believe they're running dedicated servers, so lag shouldnt be a problem unless you have a poor connection speed. Which you can avoid by checking your ping/latency when picking your chosen game from the list.

No matchmaking here. Woot!!

NDA ended today didn't it? Should be a flood of KZ2 impressions over the next few days.

AnthonyPerez3682d ago

Yeah, the embargo was lifted today so we in the press finally have the opportunity to share with the world. The question is, what else do we know that you don't...

Gammbit3682d ago

Is it sad that even after Little Big Planet, MGS, Resistance, and this are either out or on their way, I still feel no need to buy a PS3 for anything other than flow?

AmpedMan3682d ago

For those that have played the beta, is Killzone finally a "Halo killer"?

JayTee09023682d ago

I have a friend that's in the beta and he says it's a bit improvement over the original Killzone. "By leaps and bounds" were his words. I don't know if you can fairly compare the two because when I see Killzone I think of a gritty warzone. With Halo, I kind of see gravity defying jumping beans.

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The story is too old to be commented.