AMD Delivers First 45nm Shanghai Chips Early

ChannelWeb writes, "AMD has priced its first Shanghai chips aggressively against the older Barcelona models. The 2.5GHz Opteron 2380, for example, is in the middle of the new Opteron 2000 series stack but costs just $8 more than the fastest Barcelona-class equivalent, the 2.3GHz Opteron 2356, which sells for $690. Similarly, the new 2.5GHz Opteron 8380 costs the same-$1,514-as the older 2.3GHz 8356.

Full product names and prices for the new Opteron 2000 series are: Opteron 2376 (2.3GHz, $377), Opteron 2378 (2.4GHz, $523), Opteron 2380 (2.5GHz, $698), Opteron 2382 (2.6GHz, $873), Opteron 2384 (2.7GHz, $989). The full list of new Opteron 8000 series chips is: Opteron 8378 (2.4GHz, $1,165), Opteron 8380 (2.5GHz, $1,514), Opteron 8382 (2.6GHz, $1,865), Opteron 8384 (2.7GHz, $2,149).

Low-power 55W and high-performance 105W versions of Shanghai are scheduled for release early next year, according to AMD. The chip maker has also confirmed the release of 45nm desktop chips, code-named Deneb, in the first-quarter 2009 timeframe, though some reports have the first Deneb processors hitting the market before the end of this year."

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